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Piku Movie Reviews

This list is a collection of interesting Piku reviews on the web. If you have watched Piku and have an opinion then come along and join the fun. Write a review of your own.


Piku - An ode to the bowel movement.

Piku is an endearing movie. It is bittersweet, has been well thought of and actors are absolutely in their characters. Fantastic!

Its story revolves around an aged father, Bhaskor Banerji, and his struggles with bowel movements among other symptoms of hypochondriasis. His daughter Piku is an assertive, honest and independent young lady. Defiance and concern flows from her in equal measures. Deepika has played the character with astonishing maturity. She is attractive, has friends with benefits and has an inimitable way to disarm undesired male attention. Her charm and wit combined with her sense of surroundings is the magic sauce in which the whole movie floats. There is joy and there is sorrow. There is past and attachment to it but then there is present and realisation of it.

Hats off to Big B. He has pulled off another difficult role with the authority that only he can. Bhaskor is a smart and witty straight-faceted character. He is a stubborn old man with a tendency to get on the nerves of people. His habit to have the last say closes the movie too. Bhaskor lives in Delhi with Piku and has roots in Calcutta. And this is the story of a very comic journey from Delhi to Calcutta.

This journey could have never been possible with another driver. Irrfan brings a touch of sanity to the events. He is a no nonsense person, has quick wit, ample patience and a brutally honest mind of his own. His portrayal of intestines was a stand out moment in the screenplay when people felt constipated due to excessive laughter. True to his style, he didn’t speak much but you were riveted to everything that he said or perhaps didn’t say when he let his eyes do the talking. Chemistry between Deepika & Irrfan is subtle. Its defined by sarcasm, mutual respect and sexual tension.

There is a good supporting cast of characters who have relatively few things to say but they do it well.

Throughout the narrative it is the ordinariness of the story and its characters that stands out. After all everyone knows someone with constipation induced struggles. No interruptions caused by a song and dance routine was welcome. I loved the background score.

Last but not the least there is no fake comedy, preachiness or vulgarity to the language and characters. You ask Aamir and I bet he is thinking, hmmm… remake banana padega!

Go out and take a trip with Piku.