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Updated by Roland Lefevre (Uditha Dharmawardhane) on May 08, 2015
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Top 5 Beach Dining Spots in Benoa, Bali – walk amid balmy beaches

If you have not heard of it before, know it now. This small peninsula of Tanjung Benoa is stretched for about four kilometres north from Nusa Dua to Benoa village. In this village you will come across a good number of resort hotels. These hotels offer family-friendly service while you can enjoy the beach dining spots.


Sakala Bali

Sakala Bali is an ideal beach dining spot to enjoy a cup of coffee. Their desert is simply wonderful. Crowded or not, you will always get a warm welcome here. The spot is relatively bigger and you will find the place comfier to enjoy dining. Probably why you may have to pay somewhat lavishly here. But take the surrounding beach for granted, the price is well worth.

The most welcome thing about here is that the place is quiet and peaceful as you can overlook the waters lapping against each other. You can also afford to take a swim in this part of the area. Go swim to your heart's content, while the restaurant staff prepares your meal.


Bambu Bali

The warm welcome and friendly staff service are a signatory mark in Bambu Bali. Add to that, their food is lovely and excellent. Ribs and coconut chicken stand out along with shredded duck in banana leaves. You will also take delight in tamarillo ice cream.

This spot is ideal if you plan a surprise birthday or anniversary party for someone. They will arrange everything with excellent food, service, and even beautiful dancers who will welcome the guests into the villa. The price, though lavish it may be, is well worth when you think of the services you can have. If you visit there on a Wednesday or a Friday night, you will be treated to a dance free of charge.


Glaze Bali

Here you find the service almost impeccable with first class service. An ideal place if you really look for an escape from the busy daily life in the city. Have the great food offered here, and chill out listening to the sound of waters in the beach.


Atlichnaya Bali

You will have one word to describe here: amazing. You do not have to take time to read reviews. Here is a place where you can have your food in relaxation and enjoy the beach. Listen to the winds, and it is such a great feeling to dine in such an environ. Food, service and atmosphere are first class in this place.


Meads in Bali

Their expertise is seafood. In addition to seafood, you can also have pork and beef. They know their art of cooking pork and beef to the perfection. Have these delicacies with a good cocktail too. Strangely you will get to pick your choice in a handwritten menu. That could be one more specialty of this restaurant.

Another specialty – a convenient one – is that they would readily drop you off after dinner to your place of lodging. Still undecided on a place of lodging? Take a cue from a local guide. But be careful. Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa, one of the Tanjung Benoa Restaurants could be a good choice. There are similar hotels in the area.