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Top 10 Places to Visit in Maldives

Pristine beaches, gorgeous, blue waters and 26 atolls of lush tropical finery... Yes, Maldives truly does have a lot to offer. So if you're heading over to this paradise island nation, here are the Top 10 Places that you should definitely pay a visit to;


HP Reef

A kaleidoscopic collection of coral reefs make up one of Maldives' best diving spots. The HP Reef is a Protected Marine Area that contains rich marine fauna of reef fish and pelagics. It also has a beautiful 25m vertical, swim-through chimney as well as caves. If you're a diving enthusiast searching for top Maldives Island resorts, Maafushivaru Maldives will be an ideal choice for you as their water sports centre is equipped with the best of diving equipment as well as expert instructors.


Manta Point

Get close to the ghost of the sea! At Manta Point you can see Giant Manta Rays being fed and cleaned by wrasses. The cleaning process is very beneficial to the Manta Rays as it gets rid of parasites both externally and internally. Seeing large numbers of Manta Rays queuing at the station and wait their turn to be cleaned by the wrasses will surely remind you of a car wash!


Banana Reef

Stare in awe as giant Napoleon Wrasse, Moray Eels and the rare Bannerfish swim in front of you...The Banana Reef, located at the North Male Atoll, has become the most sought after diving site in Maldives due to its vibrant collection of Marine life of different colors and sizes. The reef extends 300 meters long in the shape of a banana which has given it its name.


Utheemu Ganduvaru

Visit the residence of a national hero and get a glimpse of Maldives' history. Utheemu Ganduvaru, located at Northern island of Utheemu, is the historical residence of Sultan Mohamed Thankurufaan who heroically saved the Maldivians from Portuguese conquerors. The wooden palace is a well preserved landmark that portrays the century-old lifestyle of the rich.


Malé Friday Mosque

Pay a visit to the oldest mosque in Maldives, Hukuru Miskiiy, which is also known as the Old Friday Mosque. The Mosque, situated in the capital, dates as far back as 1656 when it was constructed under the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar I. Mostly built out of Coral stone, the mosque is a fine example of ancient Maldivian art and sculptor as it contains remarkable carvings of different kinds of patterns and Arabic scripts.


Jumhooree Maidan

Take a stroll at Jumhoorie Maidan, which is also known as the Independence Square in Male. This park is the one of the most popular spots for social gatherings in the islands. It is also a place of national importance as the official flag post on which the largest permanent flag in Maldives can be found on its eastern end.


National Museum

Walk in to the National Museum of Maldives and experience the diverse history of the island nation. Ancient weapons, religious relics, household wares and magnificnetly carved Arabic- and Thaana-engraved pieces of wood are some of the fine exhibits you can see. The National Musuem building is a relic itself as it was a part of the Maldivian Royal Palace which dates back to the 17th Century.


Islamic Centre

The Islamic Center is a magnificent architectural landmark located in the capital of Maldives, which contains several buildings such as the Grand Friday Mosque, a conference hall and an Islamic library. Because of its location near the Male main jetty and its stunning architecture as well the shining golden dome and beautiful woodcarvings on the interior walls, the center has become a major tourist attraction.


Mulee-aage Palace

Next to the Old Friday Mosque, stands an impressive and powerful landmark, the Mulee Aage Palace, which is the official residence of the President of Maldives. The palace dates as far as 1906 when Sultan Mohamed Shamsuddeen III built it for his son. The palace is placed among the top tourist attractions of the country not only because it is the Presidential residence but also because of its beautiful white carvings.


Male Artificial Beach

Apart from having some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, Maldives also has an artificial beach. This beach has been constructed in Male, as the capital is unfortunately not blessed with natural beaches. Thus, the Male artificial beach is the perfect getaway in the city. It is also the venue for many recreational activities such water sports, live musical performances, carnivals and parades.