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Updated by Lavinia Woolf on May 07, 2015
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05 top water activities to do in Maldives Islands – Adventures on the Waters

For all those who love the water, nothing quite beats the aquatic adventures that await you in the nation of the Maldives. Listed below are the 5 most popular water activities in this destination



For surf enthusiasts around the globe there is no better destination than the Maldives for in this location everything is perfect. The swells soar, the temperatures are warm and the nation is blessed with good weather year round. Although rains are rare in the Maldives, the nation does undergo the Monsoon season hence the best months to take up surfing in this part of the world is between June and September. During this period the South Western Monsoon brings in the best swells to the Ocean of the Maldives. Hot spots for surfing are scattered throughout the Maldivian ocean but for some of the best surfing experiences head over to the North and South Male Atoll. Not only can you find the biggest swells in these regions for it also has some world class surf breaks that gives the surfers plenty of opportunity to ride the waves in style.


Jet Skiing

For a good dose of adrenaline nothing beats jet skiing across the Maldivian ocean. This fast and furious high thrill sport is among the most popular activities to undertake on the waters of the Maldives. If you are confident riding the ocean, go ahead and grab yourself a jet ski and whisk your way on the waters. Most of the Maldives luxury resorts offer their very own Jet Ski's for guests. If you are staying at Adaaran Prestige Vadoo you even get the jet ski guides who will take you on amazingly fast Jet Ski rides, if you are not too confident skidding on the ocean by yourself.


Free Sailing

Maldives boasts some of the most immaculate sceneries that you would have ever laid eyes on. The oceans are vast and pristine and ever so frequently you will come across a patch of emeralds, like an oasis of jewels amidst the sparkling blue. For a tranquil experience amidst this pristine scenery, indulge in free sailing. You can either sail by yourself with the guidance of the many schools available at the coast or just bask in the scenery while the professionals take you around; either way the experience is priceless.


Scuba Diving

The Maldives is just as beautiful under its waters as it is on the surface and there is no better way to explore the treasures of underwater Maldives than by Scuba Diving. This exciting adventure gives you up close interactions with some of the fiercest creatures underwater which include whales, sharks and Manta rays.



If you would like to explore underwater Maldives but are not quite up for Scuba diving, snorkeling is an excellent option. The perfect activity for all ages, snorkeling gives you an opportunity to experience the magical profusion of colors that the coral reef of the Maldives so fondly boasts.