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Top 5 Wedding Planning Mistakes

Any couple with a dream of a memorable wedding day understands the need for an elaborate. Even with this knowledge and understanding, many couples make mistakes in their plans, which in turn ruin their wedding day. The most common planning mistakes include:


Starting to plan without a budget and guests list

Some couples gets very excited about their engagement and start calling services providers even before they decide who to invite. Some will start engaging service providers without a budget. This is risky because they either will end up in debt or broke after the wedding day.


Doing everything alone

It is common to find couples who believe they can handle every detail of their dream wedding. Some will leave out friends and family in their plans for fear of conflicts in cases where they have different preferences. Although one can plan an entire wedding, doing it alone is overwhelming and can be disastrous. You could forget some details or make the wrong choices on service providers especially if you do not have enough information on their reliability.


Ignoring possible weather changes on the wedding day

Many couples choose an outdoor wedding and fail to account for sudden changes in the weather. Every in a hot season, it could rain on your big day. Some couples choose a venue and start paying for it without a plan of what to do in case it rains. You could also choose an enclosed venue that is ideal in a rainy season without considering the possibility of a sunny weather on your wedding day.


Choosing a cramped venue

The choice of a wedding venue is critical as it determines your guests’ experience on your wedding day. Many couples choose venues that are too small for their guests list. This is particularly common when couples start planning before creating a guest list. Your guests should have enough space to enjoy and interact.


Leaving a list of things to do on the last day

This mistake is common among couples who want to either surprise their guests or start their plans late. You do not want to be tired on your wedding day or have clothes that do not fit. You could end up with frustrated guests if you fail to communicate or give directions to your wedding venue in time.



Small mistakes could ruin a wedding ceremony and leave the couple frustrated. Couples ought not to make the same old mistakes in their plans. Information is vital key when planning for a wedding ceremony or any other event. The top five mistakes that couples make while planning their wedding include failing to outline their budget and guests list before engaging service providers. Other mistakes include failing to engage professionals, wrong venue choices, failing to account for weather changes and having many things to do on the big day. These mistakes do not only ruin a wedding day but are sometimes costly.

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The need to have a workable plan for your wedding ceremony cannot be overemphasized. A mistake like choosing the wrong venue could ruin your day. If considering an Asian wedding, settling for an Asian wedding venue ensures that all the details of such a wedding theme are considered. Engaging other people including wedding planners will help you avoid such common mistakes. For instance, a wedding planner will help you choose a perfect Asian wedding venue among other things.