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Prepress services

Mapsytemsindia provides quality services in book typesetting, proof reading and copyediting. We renovate unformatted and unprocessed information into well ordered, reliable and publishable formats.

Typesetting your books without seeking professional assistance-pitfalls

We don’t believe that self-published books always look weird. But you also can’t deny the fact that, unprofessional typesetting can ruin the entire purpose of publishing. Sometimes even without a word a read, you can identify a book to be self-published and that’s the reason why people prefer relying on any of the best typesetting companies in India offering unsurpassed quality services.

Typesetting tips that can make your non-fiction books hook the eyeballs of prospects

Typesetting companies testify that the way to deal with fiction and non-fiction books varies significantly. What works perfectly for former may fail terribly with the latter. Non-fiction books include business handbooks, travel guides, cookery books and text books. Here are some really effective tips that most of the companies offering typesetting services follow.

Reasons for the inevitability of document scanners for accountants

Scanning is very important for smooth functioning of the accounts section because even today a king part of invoices are in the paper format. Here, we have explained the importance of scanning for accountants. Also you can see tips for selecting the right scanner and scanning service providers.

Centering the type- When and when not to?

Knowing basics of typesetting is very crucial. Here, we explain when and when not to use centered type.

Among significant factors in making the book look good, capturing reader’s attention is typesetting. Let’s look at its journey.

Have a look on the 5 commonly made typesetting mistakes which can be easily rectified so that your book typesetting services turn out to be more reliable for clients.

Data digitization services made easy through flatbed scanners

There are instances when you have to scan a part of the book by placing it on the platter. Some pages may seem out of alignment while some others may be upside down. This blog deals with some tips for scanning books that can make scanning a lot easier and error-free.

Perfectly operative proofreading tips and tricks

Proofreading is pivotal for perfection. See how these professional proofreading techniques can be of help for you.

7 pitfalls to identify and eradicate when it comes to foreign language typesetting

Working with foreign languages can have business risks if you get the things wrong.Find here some common pitfalls when it comes to multilingual typesetting services.

How OCR provides support for mobility?

High-tech innovations have always impacted the lifestyle of mankind. With the mobile OCR technology, cumbersome tasks can now be handled with more ease.

LaTeX tips and tricks: What to avoid while using it

This blog post sheds light on certain latex formatting tips and much more. Read and explore further.

Typesetting mathematical equations using InDesign

Dealing with mathematical things is a forte of typesetting service providers. Let us see how the process can be done using InDesign.

There are many things that you should know about copy editing and proofreading services. This write-up illumes some important among them.

This write-up deals with information regarding how OCR conversion services are leveraged by today’s businesses.

Read this article to understand the unmatched benefits of adopting OCR strategy for our document conversions. It helps immensely.

Here the details regarding what is produced and different phases in the typesetting services process are discussed.

Professional typesetting tips brought here in this write-up can be highly illuminating for you. Read more.

In this blog, several tips from companies offering proofreading and editing services are brought together. Read further.

OCR technology in healthcare industry–Some facts

This writes up details some of the processes and facts involved in ocr conversion services. Read ahead to explore more.

Here, some of the main mistakes committed during technical document typesetting are dealt with. Read ahead.

Tips for proofreading business documents

Here some of the effective proofreading techniques are explained. Go through it and assure that your content is flawless.

Significance of document scanning for law firms

Here importance of document scanning for legal firms is explained. Let us have a look into the information brought together.

In this blog post, we have detailed several facts regarding use of OCR in translation. Look into it and please send us what you feel.

If you want to know about the differences between Word and LaTeX typesetting as well as about professional typesetting services, read ahead.

Some of the best copy editing techniques are explained that will help you to come up with really smart and effective content.