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Headline for Canadian Personal Finance News | May 2015
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Canadian Personal Finance News | May 2015

May's list of the best Canadian personal finance news, articles, and blog posts from around the internet, expertly curated for interest and relevance


Should You Replace Bonds With Cash? | Canadian Couch Potato

Not many investors are enthusiastic about bonds these days, and it's hard to blame them. While rates have ticked up in the last few weeks, they're still so low that even some sophisticated investors have abandoned them altogether.

When Do Complex Portfolios Win Out? | James Osborne

I'm a big believer in well-diversified portfolios. Just how you define a well-diversified portfolio is a matter of opinion. You could own practically every stock in the global public markets and a pretty robust portfolio of bonds with three funds and investment expenses of about 0.15%.

Can your retirement income plan skip the savings account? | Alexandra Macqueen

Not everyone needs to save for retirement. Some Canadians will have enough income to fund their postwork lives without ever setting aside a dime in their own savings accounts. How do you know whether you're one of them? The answer hinges on how much you'll get automatically from the retirement income sources you build up by living and working in Canada.

Once You've Won, Stop Playing the Game! | Jason Hull

"All Steve [Schwartzman, Blackstone's CEO] kept saying throughout breakfast," my friend told me, "is 'how the F* is Larry Page worth $15 billion and I'm only worth $3 billion'." -via James Altucher () When people think about how money relates to their personal life goals, they usually go through four stages, which are different from the life cycle savings and investing stages.

Retirement Expenditures and the Cost of Retirement | The Retirement Café

Some great questions and comments about my previous posts on spending in retirement, beginning with Spending Typically Declines as We Age, suggest that I should add a bit more to my explanation. Or as Ricky Ricardo might have said, "I got some 'splainin to do." Will the cost of retirement decline as you age?

Is Asset Allocation Just a Form of Market Timing? | Jason Hull

"Only liars manage to always be out during bad times and in during good times." -Bernard Baruch I recently had a reader ask me a question via e-mail: I'm writing regarding the research by Dr. Wade Pfau that suggests that retirees are significantly better off holding only 20% in equities during the first five years of retirement.

When to Care More About the Return OF Your Money | Behavior Gap

A friend of mine recently sold his house. It will be a few years before he'll buy another one. Because the house was worth a lot more than what he and his wife owed the bank on their mortgage, they are now sitting on a pile of money and wondering what...

The Arithmetic of Active Management | William Sharpe

If "active" and "passive" management styles are defined in sensible ways, it must be the case that

(1) before costs, the return on the average actively managed dollar will equal the return on the average passively managed dollar and

(2) after costs, the return on the average actively managed dollar will be less than the return on the average passively managed dollar

How Changing Interest Rates Affect Fixed Income | Dan Bortolotti

It's been a tough few months for bonds. Since early February, the yield on Government of Canada five-year bonds has climbed from 0.59% to about 1.07%, and 10-year bonds yielding 1.24% have ticked up to 1.82%.

The number one thing that makes you susceptible to fraud | Josh Brown

Investment News: Prosecutors said Bryan C. Binkholder used YouTube videos, a talk-radio show and books such as the "The 401(k) Conspiracy" to cultivate clients in a fraudulent "hard money lending" program. As part of the program, Mr. Binkholder - also known as "The Financial Coach" - said he would act as a bank for real-estate developers looking to purchase, renovate and re-sell homes.

What you should understand about fees and financial advice | Money Coaches Canada

Recently Money Coaches Canada co-founder Karin Mizgala sat down with Money Coach Noel D'Souza to discuss the changing landscape of financial advice in Canada. Karin: As someone in the financial industry, it's very common to be asked by people outside the industry, ... Continue reading →

How to Calculate Your Portfolio's Rate of Return | Justin Bender

Starting in July 2016, dealers and advisors will be required to provide a personal rate of return to their clients. Although this disclosure is a step in the right direction, it will likely lead to more confusion and frustration amongst clients and advisors if the results are not properly explained.

Life is a Highway: Sequence of Returns and You | Sandi Martin

The markets are going to do what the markets are going to do, there is no portfolio on earth that will keep your portfolio going up when everyone else’s are going down every single time, so stop worrying about what the market will do in your lifetime and start focusing on what you can control: your spending, your savings, and your expectations.