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Updated by Android High Five on Jun 29, 2016
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Top 5 Free Games For Android

As any seasoned smartphone owner will tell you, you don't need to spend more to get great games. You don't actually need to spend anything at all because there are loads of great games out there for free. Everyones favourite price.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Driving games usually fare well on personal devices, putting the gyroscope to good use and dialling up the visuals. Asphalt 8 surpasses expectations with varied locations, thrilling races and a generously long career mode. If realism is your bag, then this may leave you wanting, but for arcadey bangs and whizzes it's as must.

Pixel Dungeon

This pixel art dungeon crawler is a punishing little game and certainly not for those prone to chucking their phone at a wall when they die. Because you die a lot. If you like collecting items, fighting through dungeons and a bit of a challenge though, this is definitely worth a look. Not for the casual gamer.

Galaxy On Fire 2 HD

Do you love games set in space? Do you enjoy dog fights in space? Trading? It's got it all and it looks amazing too. It's very easy to lose afternoons to this game, such is the level of customisation available. It's quite a deep and complex game, certainly by mobile phone standards, and it's all wrapped up in the beautifully realised world. Long term fun.

Plague Inc.

Simple and brilliantly presented, Plague Inc. is a strategy-sim that tasks you with spreading a lethal plague, with a view to taking it global. There are 12 types of disease to master as you constantly adapt your approach in order to break down humanities defences. I want to say it's Risk crossed with Missile Command, but I don't think that entirely works.

Zenonia 4

Pick your class, choose your weapon and level yourself up. A familiar structure and visually familiar to anyone who's played an older Zelda game, but it's done ever so well. Fans of action RPG games should download Zenonia 4 immediately and enjoy the exploration and adventure on offer here. Asynchronous PvP is a nice extra, for those times you're feeling especially competitive.