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Updated by Android High Five on Jul 05, 2016
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Top 5 Zombie Game Apps For Android

Killing or being killed by zombies is everyones idea of fun, at least in game form, and there are literally hundreds to choose from. A hardened slayer of the undead doesn't have time to scroll through lists though, so we've picked out a few of the best to get you going. Now split up, look for survivors, and get out of here.

Contract Killer: Zombies

Ok, so they took their Contract Killer game and changed the people into zombies, but it's bloody good fun. You play as the titular Contract Killer, squirreled away in a variety of high-rise locations as you pop the lids off the undead. You'll need to protect survivors, guard vital structures and manage your skills. Good for the bus.

The Walking Dead (Season 1 & 2)

Surely everyone in the solar system is aware of The Walking Dead by now. It's wonderful blend of point-and-click and action adventure is ideal for the tense and emotional story told over both seasons. The narrative really engages and it doesn't pull any punches which means it's better in longer doses, y'know, like hours at a time.

Into The Dead

In this exceptional first-person endless-runner game, you just run. Obviously. You run away from zombies and through zombies, towards a safety that never seems to come, collecting points to unlock better ways of killing all those shuffling corpses. It's all about how much longer you can stay alive than your mates and it's fiendishly addictive.

Gun Zombie: Hellgate

Point, shoot and laugh manically. It's not winning any awards for its graphics and it's a little bit keen with its in-app purchases, but it is rather entertaining. The missions are short and sweet making it brilliant for the bus or to aid bowel movement on those long trips to the office toilet. Simple but effective.

Dead Trigger 2

I love this game. That should be enough, but in case you need more reasons I should tell you that it looks great, sounds pretty awesome and plays very smoothly indeed. Another FPS, the missions you take from the main hub area are fast and action packed, with the firing of your weapon handled automatically when aiming at an enemy. If I didn't say, I love this game.