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Updated by Android High Five on Jun 27, 2017
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Top 5 Android Apps For Note Taking

The advent of the tablet was a boon to writers everywhere, demanding as it did a wealth of writing apps. There are just so, so many. It's usually best to have a few, one for basic notes and one for larger projects and so on. It's the usability and features that matter here – the tablet's no better than the pad of paper if you still can't find anything – and these apps have it nailed.


One of the better known writing apps, Evernotes is an uncluttered approach that allows you to add tags, share files and search photos, text and PDFs. Starting a document on your phone and finishing it on your laptop couldn't be easier. The premium version lets you access your notes offline at anytime, add a lock PIN to the phone app and increases your storage.


As the name suggests this is a simpler option than some others, with a very clean front end that requires no menu diving to get going. You can 'pin' your most urgent notes to the top of the list so that you don't forget the milk and navigating through the rest is far from a chore.  Some device owners appear to have intermittent syncing issues, but this user had no issues worth reporting.


Papyrus is one for those of us who can't quite say goodbye to the old fashioned pen. Designed to be used with a stylus (active or passive) or a finger, it's particularly useful for making notes on a PDF document or as a virtual whiteboard with the aid of Chromecast. Probably the best choice if you're going to need to take basic notes quickly and without fuss.


It's incredibly easy to find what you're looking for with SomNote. The ability to colour code your folders makes finding that vital paragraph of your novel a cinch, no matter how long ago you wrote it. You can password protect the entire app or individual folders, and there a good few fonts to play with. Missing a few of the more advanced tools, but you're taking notes here people!

Google Keep

Googles usual expertise in managing information carries across in this beaut of an app. The colour coded 'post-it' style notes are perfect for displaying short ideas, lists and photos on the variously sized widgets available. You're unlikely to draft your coursework on it but the location-based reminders mean you'll never forget anything again.