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Updated by Android High Five on Jun 29, 2016
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Top 5 Android Apps For Drawing

No more lugging around boxes of paints and pencils, all you need now is at least one finger and a tablet. The artist on the go requires quick and easy access to a variety of tools, and a responsive input to blur the line between mind and page as much as is possible. The 5 apps below balance technical backup and ease of use to provide the perfect canvas.


Artflow offers a great selection of tools for creating anything from a quick sketch to your very own masterpiece. The relatively pared back user interface makes it easier to pick up than some of the competition and also leaves you more screen real estate to express yourself with. The ability to export in JPEG, PSD and PNG is also pleasing.

Sketchbook Express

Allowing you to upload your finished pieces to deviantART from within the app, the free version gives you three layers to work with. This may not be enough for those looking for a more professional solution, but can be upgraded with an in-app purchase. An excellent range of tools and a simple front end make Sketchbook Express an easy recommend.


With one of the simplest user interfaces, LayerPaint is a dream to use. It can seem limiting but after a while it's easy to get what you want on the screen. A device with a stylus allows for extra precision with Pen Pressure support, and you can save in the Photoshop format, preserving layer structure. A great all rounder.

Sketch Master

Sketch Master is incredibly easy to use and has all the tools you'd expect. It allows you to get straight to creating your art, which is kind of the point of these things. Any gripes about the size of ads and the odd missing function (such as the ability to size the drawing area) don't irritate enough to detract from the fun you can have using it.

Infinite Painter

Over 100 brushes. Pressure sensitivity with stylus support. Import from your camera gallery. Export as JPEG, PNG and PSD. The list goes on and on. It does stop eventually but it's pretty long. With on screen access to the most important tools at all times and a healthy amount of screen left over, Infinite Painter ticks all the boxes.