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Top Indoor Cycling And Spinning Blogs

Here is a list of my go to indoor cycling and spinning focused blogs online. Some of them are very small and others are big commercial types. All share a passion for spinning, workout playlists and routines, spin class drill ideas, fresh music, the art of the remix and our healthy lifestyle. Each week I review them and put them up here for your vote!
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Indoor / Studio Cycling Resources for enthusiasts of the ride inside

Music, Ride Profiles, Resource links, Reviews, Surveys... (by steve:spin:list)

You Spin Me Right Round Blog

Indoor Cycling playlists and more by Melissa who is a "a fitness professional that teaches main different types of group fitness classes such as indoor cycling, TRX, water aerobics and muscle max formats. I love to teach cycling and always get compliments from my students on my cycling playlists, so I decided to start a blog to share my ideas."

Indoor Cycling Class Profiles - Lean Lena

Are you looking for new ideas for Indoor Cycling Class Profiles? Hi! And thanks for checking out this page where I post links to my Indoor Cycling Class Profiles.

The Dancing Runner

Hi! I’m Chelsea. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love cooking, traveling, and most of all staying active. It hasn’t always been that way. Even though I dabbled in a few sports growing up – mostly ballet, tap and jazz as a pre-teen – I was not a very athletic kid. I was definitely more into the school choir and writing for the newspaper in high school. Writing and fine arts – definitely up my alley. Working out, not so much.

Chelsea posts her spin class playlists.. which rock the house.




How Chrispins Began: I first started this blog for my spin class participants because they were always asking about the music that I play in my classes. This was the easiest way I could think of to...

From Florida to North Dakota - Spinning Profiles

Spinning Tribe! I am aways looking on the web for other spin instructors who have blogs and/or Facebook pages dedicated to our passion indoor cycling. I love it when I see us share our profile, patterns, music ideas and drills. And who does not need some inspiration on music ideas to keep our class have a look at this page on From Florida to North Dakota with over 30 playlists and counting!

Spinning Freak

Spinning, Playlists, Profiles, Indoor Cycling, Cycling Mix, Fitness Music, Soul Cycle, ICA, Indoor Cycling Association


resources for spin instructors and participants : playlists, ride layouts and more!

About Spinning

Spinning is a form of indoor cycling set to music in which an instructor leads the class through a series of drills simulating an outdoor ride. Most classes run 30-60 minutes. It's a fantastic, addictive workout.

Probably the Best Site Ever for all thing Indoor Cycling

Spin Instructor? Indoor Cycling fanatic? Grab music ideas, workouts, drills, playlists, full riding profiles & routines

5 41 Awesome Indoor Cycling Music Mixes, Remixes, Mashups and More! 41 Awesome Indoor Cycling Music Mixes, Remixes, Mashups and More!

Looking for a no BS straight to the music point indoor cycling blog site that brings you an Awesome 41 Indoor Cycling Mixes, remixes, mashup and More to download FREE. They are classics. Check out my review here

Indoor Cycling Workouts - Treble in the Kitchen

6 Profiles - for 45 min classes

Running Bun

Here is a review I did of "Running Bun's" Rolling Hill Profile. As for her blog she has a full page of playlists with lots of detail. Here is a little from her bio:
Important things to know about me:

  • I don’t enjoy people who don’t enjoy sarcasm
  • I am a vegetarian
  • My sisters are my best friends (Brittany and Shelley)
  • I wear spandex pants 97% of the time
  • I love animals and hate animal cruelty
  • I believe Bruce Springsteen is a musical genius
  • Favorite food: Chipotle
  • Favorite drink: Coors Light and Dunkin Donuts iced coffee
  • I genuinely enjoy playing blackjack and think that I am a “good gambler”
Cycling | Cody Blog

This blog is not just about indoor cycling but has a good "cycling section"