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5 types of Bollywood Dancing

Bollywood dancing is a common feat in many events. This form of dancing is popular due to its cultural background. However, did you know that there are various styles for dancing Bollywood? They include;



This is one of the most widespread dancing Bollywood dancing types. It is a folk dance that is performed everywhere in the world. This dance style has been influenced by fusion genres such as hip-hop. In the past, this dance type was performed by only men. At present, though, women have become experts at it too.



This type of dancing combines singing and mimicry. It is normally used to express daily lives activities. In most cases, it is performed by women. This dance type is simple and vigorous. For women to fit to dance this style, they have to be flexible and gracious.

This is a smooth dance coupled with simple and smooth movements, which arer mostly concentrated on the hips. In most cases, women wear spinning or swirling skirts. When dancing, these skirts spin graciously, thus creating a mesmerizing effect. This dance normally moves to both directions, clockwise and anticlockwise.



Kathpuli is a famous traditional dance performed by Bollywood dancers. Its main feature is puppet-like features that dancers have to portray. Dancers always pretend to be puppets when dancing. When dancing, dancers pretend to play or respond to a puppeteer. During the dance, stories may be told. Normally, these stories are told in form of dancing.



Dandia is a dance performed by both men and women. Sometimes, dancers perform the dance together, meaning women and men dance together. The distinctive feature that you get in this dance type is perhaps the sticks carried by performers. These sticks are carried in rhythm. The dance begins slowly and builds up towards the end. The finish is always exciting. Dancers of dandia stand in a circle and take steps forward and backwards. As they do this, they mockingly strike their neighbors sticks.



Apart from the above mentioned Bollywood dancing types, there are many other dance types. Sapnay is a good place to dance these styles if you live around London, in the UK. Here you’ll find qualified dance tutors, and you’ll learn various Bollywood dane styles.