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Colony Picking and Laboratory Automation

Learn more about colony picking and the advantages of laboratory automation to boost productivity.

Colony picker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A colony picker is an instrument used to automatically identify microbial colonies growing on a solid media, pick them and duplicate them either onto solid or liquid media. It is used in research laboratories as well as in industrial environments such as food testing and in microbiological cultures.

Gene Cloning and Colony Picking | GEN Magazine Articles | GEN

Colony picking is a very labor-intensive task that is generally performed during cloning protocols, alongside additional upstream and downstream processes. Manual colony picking is both slow and tedious. Automation makes the process more consistent and reliable, as well as considerably faster, enabling thousands of colonies to be picked per hour.

Colony Picking

Hudson's RapidPick™ Colony Picking Systems are the only fully automated high-throughput colony picking workcells, that deliver performance and precision unparalleled in the Life Science industry. In addition to allowing researchers to automate the selection and growth of cells grown on a colony plate, it will also retain a record and image of the specific colony and which culture plate/well it inoculated.