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Top Historical Sites in Tianjin - Must-visit Historic Highlights in Tianjin

As one of China's most historic regions Tianjin is an intriguing corner of the country littered with engaging attractions. From iconic temples to ancient streets here are the top historic sites in Tianjin.


Shi's Courtyard

As a breathtaking square in one of Tianjin's most luxurious residences Shi's Courtyard harks back to the opulence affluent families that have occupied Tianjin for centuries. Featuring a private theatre, a central auditorium devoted to worship as well as a reception area the 6000m2 space is a horticultural and architectural marvel for the ages.


Tianjin Great Mosque

Home to a number of ancient scriptures etched on stone tablets that are more than 300 years old the Tianjin Great Mosque celebrated the city's Islamic heritage in a structure that combines Chinese elements as well as Islamic architectural principles.


Confucius Temple

Dating back nearly 500 years Tianjin's Confucius Temple is a grand example of the town's mixed religious and philosophical heritage. Renowned for its ornate archways and massive halls the temple adorned with the edicts of Confucianism at every turn is a must-visit highlight that is not just devoted to believers in the ancient philosophy.


Huangyaguan Pass

Consisting of a series of mountain edges and rolling hills and valleys the Huangyaguan Pass is located in Jixian County.


Ancient Cultural Street

Experience an ancient thoroughfare adorned with shop houses dating back to the Qing Dynasty. As a city street that is frozen in time this intriguing retail hub in Tianjin offers a wealth of cultural relics and other local curious for curious shoppers.


Dule Temple

Occupying pride of place in Tianjin's Jixian County the Dule Temple earns its curious name from the babbling spring located in its vicinity. Although a great number of structures from the original temple complex were destroyed by the likes of Emperor Wuzong, the temple was subsequently restored with additional building taking the place of destroyed remnants during the Qing and Ming dynastic periods. The venue's chief attraction is of course the towering sculpture of the Goddess of Mercy. A whopping 16m in height the statue is a classic Liao style construct with a 23m tall pavilion sheltering the statue from damage due to weather. The captivating murals decorating the pavilion's walls are equally magnificent. Visitors lucky enough to find centrally located accommodation in Tianjin in establishments such as the Somerset International Building Tianjin will be within close range of the temple.


Tianhou Palace

Renowned as one of Tianjin's most iconic Taoist religious institutions the Tianhou Palace is a sublime structure dedicated to the Queen of Heaven or the deity known was Tianhou. Located in the heart of Nankai district's Ancient Culture Street this well known landmark is also known as the Western Temple, Xiaozhigu Tianfei Palace and the Niangniang Palace. Believed to have been built as early as 1326 the structure belongs to the Yuan Dynasty. Ideally located with stunning views of the Haihe River some of the key highlights at the venue include the Memorial Archway, the Opera Tower, the Zhangxian Pavilion and the Qisheng Temple while the Canon-Storing Pavilion and the Bell-Drum Tower are equally intriguing.