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Updated by Pushpitha Wijesinghe on Dec 23, 2016
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Best Shopping places in Causeway Bay – a shopping spree

If you want to experience the most exhilarating shopping area on earth, head straight to the Causeway Bay. With malls markets and plenty more you can find it all in this part of Honk Kong.


SOGO Causeway Bay

A popular hangout spot among locals, the SOGO Causeway Bay is one department store that you must explore when visiting Honk Kong. Boasting an iconic entrance and 12 stories complete with everything from high fashion to cosmetics to electronics to toys for kids, you can find it all in this big and comfortable shopping complex. Its popularity among all members of the family has made it the most sought out shopping destination in all of Causeway Bay.


Island Beverly Center

Located a hop skip and a jump away from the SOGO Mall, the Island Beverly Center has an eclectic vibe to it and is one of the most alluring places to shop in the city. Even those who generally find shopping to be monotonous find the experience unique and different when they shop at the Island Beverly Center. This four floor treasure hunting adventure is complete with a good 100 stores that sell local, Korean and Japanese fashion in addition to communal consignment stores in cubicle cells where goods from toys to cosmetics are sold.


My Rhythm Journey

A unique experience when it comes to shopping, the products sold at the My Rhythm journey includes ukuleles that have been imported from the United States and Japan all in different designs and patterns. In fact some of these products are even waterproof. In addition to this you can also find in here the wooden boxes called Cajons which have of late become very popular in Honk Kong.


The Good Old Days at WTC

In the corner of the famous WTC, there is a tiny little shop called the Good Old days which has an exquisite collection of age old watches. Established nearly 25 years ago, this store has an array of precious timepieces that was collected by the owner himself as he travelled the world as a professional cyclist. Even Century-old, diamond-studded watches and even older pocket watches are among the collection of antiques found at this store.



If you are a diehard rocker you will find everything you can dream of in this store in Honk Kong. There are a collection of items that are original vintage, restored vintage and even imitation vintage which is so good that you can't really tell if its real or fake. The popularity of Retrostone first emerged in Honk Kong ever since second hand band tshirts were imported into the country from the United States. Although band tees are still the biggest attraction of Retrostone, the store also has for sale a lot of leather products and small vintage design brands all of which are imported from overseas.The clientele of Retrostone is a unique bunch who chooses all their attractions in Honk Kong in accordance with their taste. For most Retrostone lovers the most popular Wan Chai Hotel Honk Kong has is the Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong thanks to its modern and futuristic ambience.