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First-timers guide: 20 things to do in Bali – at a glance

Bali offers what any traveler would dream to experience. Name any experience, and Bali most probably has it. Sun rises above glistening waters and sun sets to a calmer water. And into those waters, travelers dive deep under.


Balinese massage

Learning Balinese massage is the gateway to the ancient culture in Thailand. The courses are available to learn the art. And there are places to have a good Balinese massage as well.


Dine at a 17th century Balinese palace

You are escorted here in the traditional way. The torchbearers and dancers welcome you in. Following dinner you can enjoy Balinese dance as well.


Catch and cook

Catch and cook is a hot tourist attraction here. There sunset cruises where you can catch fresh fish and cook them or get them cooked the way you want. If you consult the services with a place like Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort & Spa, a Seminyak Bali Resort, it is easier to arrange a sunset cruise.


Explore Bali's oldest villages

It is always good to hire an experienced guide. They will take you to Bali's oldest villages. Everything you see is authentic. They belong to Balinese culture.


Dolphin-spotting from a jukung

A sunset sail on a traditional jukung could be a memorable experience. Dolphins are somewhat a rare species. So do not miss this opportunity.


Gaze at stars by listening to your own soundtrack

They say starlight gazing is a therapy. So do it. It is more than possible in Thailand. They offer it as a complimentary service.


Batik printing

They consider Batik printing as a sacred task, especially because it is an ancient art. They liken the painting on batik to a meditation. Experience it for yourself and see.


Bedugal waterfalls in north Bali

This will be easy if you have a good guide. A proper guide will get you to the waterfall and you can take a good swim here. It could be a rejuvenating dip. The locals consider the water as holy.


Healing Banjar hot springs

Hot springs are a rare existence in this world. You do not get it everywhere. So experience the benefit of hot springs. These springs have Sulphuric water which the natives believe will be therapeutic for skin ailments.


Encounter artisans

It always brings a sense of joy whenever you get to encounter a talented personality. This said, meeting an artisan will give you a satisfactory feeling. Perhaps you can also learn the basics of the industry.


Traditional spa treatment by Petanu river

Another therapeutic activity inspired by Thailand's ancient healing methodology. The spa treatment keeps body warmth high with a mixture of powered cloves and cinnamon. And the river of course cools your senses. Open the doors of your heart to the river as well as the treatment. You will feel much rejuvenated.


Seven Temples of Enlightenment tour

It is but a fantabulous experience to walk through these temples of much importance. It will take one day from your schedule. You will be visiting as well as trekking a centuries-old meditation temple.


Eco retreat surrounded by rice fields

Rice fields are unique to Bali. That is why you should not miss seeing them. By the rice fields the tourists can now get into an eco retreat. What you get to eat directly comes from the paddy. The good thing is no chemicals involved in the process.


Study under a gamelan master

Bali is much popular for music. So finding a musician would not be very hard. You can hire an instrument and look for a teacher.


Dine at Mozaic

Mozaic has earned much reputation as a restaurant in Bali. Almost everything is beautiful here.


Rice lunch

Take a leisurely stroll and have a lunch in the middle of a rice field.


Clean your soul

Visit a temple and be bathed in Holy Water to clean your soul.


Rice terraces

These terraces are really worth a visit, as they are Cultural Organization World Heritage-listed ones. They are centuries old.



Try and find a cookery teacher and learn Balinese cookery.


A day of silence

A day without noise in a much noisy schedule is a welcome change. Why not experience inner silence on a day of silence?