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Articles for Maths

Some articles to get pupils thinking....

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If I tell you that it's Monday today, then you know it's not any of the other six days of the week. Perhaps the information content of my statement should be measured in terms of the number of all the other possibilities it excludes?

IB Links

As well as some specific ToK resources I have also included some general resources to help with teaching. Tok Resources 1. Plus Maths - Probably the best maths website on the internet - absolutely packed with articles that explore ToK issues, real life mathematics and careers in maths. 2.

Division by Zero

I'm on vacation this week on a lake in northern Michigan (hold up your right hand, palm toward you, point at the first knuckle of your middle finger-that's where I am). Yesterday I paddled around the perimeter of the lake in a kayak. On a whim I brought my GPS-enabled phone.

Tanya Khovanova's Math Blog

Maths logical problem solving questions

Steven Strogatz - Opinionator -

I explained that infinity is neither even nor odd. It's not a number in the usual sense, and it doesn't obey the rules of arithmetic. All sorts of contradictions would follow if it did. For instance, "if infinity were odd, 2 times infinity would be even. But both are infinity!




math is beautiful!

About - Project Euler

A website dedicated to the fascinating world of mathematics and programming

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