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Updated by Andrew Burgon on May 18, 2015
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Distinctive, elegant and aesthetically appealing serveware really does add class to your social events.

Stylish Salad Bowls That Will Garner Praise

Salad bowls are more versatile in nature than they appear. They can double as a fruit bowl, a popcorn bowl and a floating candle bowl as well. Some people even put a beautiful salad bowl on display. Image Credit: Pacific Merchants

Coffee and Tea Makers Make the Job of Being a Host Easier

Coffee makers and tea makers allow the host to spend more time with his or her guests.

Turkey Platters That Will Do that Special Meal Justice

Turkey platters that range from simple and pristine to colorful works of art.

Buffet Servers That Offer a Touch of Class - Project Fellowship

Buffet servers that keep the food hot for guests are worth their weight in gold. Best of all heating up food for late guests is something a host no longer has to be concerned about. Image by mrorange002 / 123RF Stock Photo

Beautiful Wine Glasses, Flutes and Goblets

Beautiful wine glasses, flutes and goblets enhance our drinking experience. Check out what I have to say about them as well as the products I selected to feature.
Image by Steve Ryan / CC BY-SA 2.0

39 Cool Coasters - Project Fellowship

Cool coasters are often one of the overlooked gems of hosting and entertaining others.

Image by Barbara Neveu / 123RF

Beautiful Punch Bowls Your Drink Can Call Home

Punch bowls have a special presence that other serveware find hard to beat. Because of it's large size, stunning design and the tantalizing punch drink that resides within it gets lots of attention. What is also of note is what some of these lovely punch bowls are made of...

A Leaf Platter Adds a Little Elegance - Project Fellowship

A leaf platter is an elegant way to present food.

Decorative Serving Trays That Will Showcase Your Delicacies

Decorative serving trays are a way hosts can offer a little silver service to their guests. Going around the room with a decorative tray loaded with delicacies or cocktails and offering them to your special guests is one of the joys of being a host.

Serveware for Entertaining Guests - Project Fellowship

Serveware for entertaining guests isn't something I gave much thought to when I was younger. I wish I had of taken the time in the early days of Project Fellowship to check out serveware at the local department stores. Here is a selection of serveware from gravy boats to pitchers.

Gibson Dinnerware Sets : Style With Function

Gibson Dinnerware Sets Will Update Your Dinner Table's Look With Their Distinctive Presence.

Image by hxdbzxy / 123RF Stock Photo

Glass Dessert Bowls for that Great Dessert of Yours - Project Fellowship

One of the reasons why I say glass dessert bowls do desserts justice is because you get to see the dessert in all it's glory. In other words, glass dessert bowls reveal the dessert below the rim line of the bowl. This gives the dessert a greater impact value and aesthetically speaking is more pleasing to the eye. Check out these beautiful dessert bowls.