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Updated by Antivia Software on Oct 02, 2015
Headline for Top 10 Big Data and business intelligence articles, 20 - 27 April
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Top 10 Big Data and business intelligence articles, 20 - 27 April

Antivia's weekly roundup of the best best BI and data articles from the past week.

Taming Big Data

Simply stated, the best application of Big Data is in systems and methods that will significantly reduce the data footprint. Why would we want to reduce the data footprint? Years of knowledge and experience in information management strongly suggests that more data does not necessarily lead to better data.

Big Data and Public Safety

The November-December 2014 edition of the National Fire Protection Association's NFPA Journal features an article describing the New York City Fire Department's (FDNY) success in harnessing big data to enhance fire prevention throughout the city. Big data can be defined as data sets too large and complex to analyze using traditional data processing applications.

Big Data's potential untapped by the legal industry

Law firms are among the many businesses capturing extensive amounts of data but still figuring out how to utilise it. "Law firms are typically very good at capturing the minutia around their chargeable time and what they do and the tasks, but the nexus of that with the value that they are offering their clients and their efficiency, I think is these are the next step for them," said Anthony Coops, head of data and analytics at KPMG.

Why most healthcare professionals do not need self-service BI

The author asks us to imagine a scenario where doctors are not allowed to access data directly, but instead have to go and ask non-medical, data-specialists for the information, sometimes waiting hours or days for the answers.

Three reasons you should not choose SAP Lumira

Almost a year ago we published a post which explained "Five reasons why SAP Lumira is not the natural successor to SAP Dashboards (aka Xcelsius)", and further why we believe that our DecisionPointâ„¢ product is a better way forward. The advice in this post still holds true, and indeed the events of the last year have reinforced our viewpoint.

How Big Data Has Changed Finance

The vast proliferation of data and increasing technological complexities continue to transform the way industries operate and compete. Over the last two years, 90 percent of the data in the world has been created as a result of the creation of 2.5 quintillion bytes of data on a daily basis.

To Benefit From Big Data, Resist The Three False Promises

VideoBig data solution providers make big promises. Just plug your data into our solution, they say, and we'll deliver a stream of insights that allow you to improve marketing productivity, customer experience quality and service operations efficiency. It's like the initial euphoria of the CRM revolution, which often led to [...]

How Big Data Is Changing Healthcare

If you want to find out how Big Data is helping to make the world a better place, there's no better example than the uses being found for it in healthcare. The last decade has seen huge advances in the amount of data we routinely generate and collect in pretty much [...]

How Large Companies Are Building Big Data Teams, And How Startups Can, Too

Big data is big business, but it can be hard for startups to understand how they can get in the game. Fortunately, the same tactics that Fortune 500 companies are using to create big data teams apply to startups as well, although the tools and techniques you choose to implement [...]

The Where Factor: Location Intelligence and the Competitive Edge

The convergence of business intelligence and big data has given rise to data-driven organizations-organizations that use data to direct business practices, marketing, new product development and other operational activities. But business intelligence platforms typically miss an important dimension of data analysis: location. A recent report by Forbes Insights, in association with [...]