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Nepal Earthquake 2015

Nepal Earthquake Was “Nightmare Waiting to Happen”

The horrific earthquake that struck Nepal today did not come as a surprise to experts. They knew it was coming. In fact, just last week a group of earthquake specialists gathered in Kathmandu to try to figure out how the country could prepare for the major earthquake they feared was...

Imagining a major quake in Kathmandu

It is the nightmare scenario aid workers and government officials have long feared: a massive earthquake striking Nepal’s densely populated Kathmandu Valley, with tens of thousands feared dead.

Why Nepal earthquake did not surprise scientists -

Saturday's deadly earthquake in Nepal was the 'big one' experts have been expecting since 1934. The worry is what will happen if and when landslides start.

Major aftershock hits Nepal day after severe earthquake -

More than 2,200 people are dead after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake early Saturday near Kathmandu, Nepal's capital and largest city, authorities say.

Earthquake in Nepal

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Don’t rush to Nepal to help. Read this first | Claire Bennett

You may want to help victims of the earthquake, but they don’t need unskilled volunteers or aid they can’t use. Here’s what you can do that won’t get in the way

A 10-Year-Old's View Of The Nepal Earthquake

'It would be so much more convenient if the earthquake would send us an email in advance with all the details of its arrival,' a fearful Lucas told his mother, a journalist.

Frustration Grows in Nepal as Earthquake Relief Trickles In

The government has established 16 large camps in Katmandu, but many residents accuse officials of incompetence, neglect or even corruption.

Where Is God in Nepal?

God is not a cosmic magician. God is the ground of being. God is the power that fuels the world. And the existence of the world depends on freedom....

Nepalese pick up the pieces after devastating quake

Residents of the capital Kathmandu now cook in makeshift camps after a powerful earthquake flattened their homes.

How Not to Report on an Earthquake

What I got wrong in Haiti in 2010, and why it matters.

No Learning From Nepal's Earthquake

Disaster Zone by Eric Holdeman is dedicated to sharing information about the world of emergency management and homeland security.

Like Nepal, SoCal will have a major quake; how we prepare now will determine our recovery: Lucy Jones

Saturday’s earthquake in Nepal was a horrible tragedy. While no one could predict exactly when the earthquake was going to happen, science did show it would happen at some point. The quake occurred on the Main Frontal Thrust of the Himal

Recovery must improve Nepal after the deadly earthquake

The recovery effort is now underway after a powerful earthquake hit Nepal. The challenge will be to rebuild a stronger nation.

Google and Facebook Help Nepal Earthquake Survivors and Contacts Connect

As the extent of the Nepal earthquake damage became clear, technology companies devised ways to help users in affected areas connect with friends and loved ones, and vice versa.

We have too little data to know how to help countries like Nepal recover from natural disasters

No one collects data on disaster relief. That's a big problem.

How the people of Nepal live with climate change and what communication can do

How do people in Nepal live with climate change now?

How will its impacts shape their future and how will they, in turn, shape their environment? What are the most effective ways to support people to adapt to climate change and how best can the media, governments, organisations and businesses communicate with them?

Nepalese Billionaire Helps Rebuild Country

Nepal’s first and only billionaire has promised to help rebuild homes and schools following the devastating earthquake in his homeland.

Binod Chaudhary, chairman of CG Corp. Global and Chaudhar...

The Biggest Lessons Nepal Will Take Away From This Tragedy

COLOMBO, May 08 (IPS) - There has never been any doubt that Nepal is sitting on one of the most seismically active areas in South Asia. The fact that, when the big one struck, damages and deaths would be catastrophic has been known for years.

Humanitarian Information in Nepal  -  from Crisis to Agency

By Mark Frohardt, Internews

Amid the chaos and grief of the Nepali earthquake, one need remains fundamental: solid, trusted information. Along with the democratization of technology has come a new level of information overload, full of rumors and misinformation.

Internews’ deep experience with local media and humanitarian communications offers ways to get people the information they need. Internews Senior Vice President Mark Frohardt explains.

Hundreds of Injured Nepalese ‘Stranded’ in Hospital

Nepal - IOM has voiced concern for the hundreds of victims of the April 25 earthquake who are effectively stranded in hospitals with no way of getting home.

In addition to claiming over 8,000 lives, the earthquake injured an estimated 16,000 people, roughly 60 per cent of whom are being treated for fractures.

With few resources, unable to return alone to remote villages and in need of additional care, many remain sleeping in wards, corridors and hospital parking lots, according to IOM health programme manager Dr. Patrick Duigan.

People In Britain And America Keep Marking Themselves As 'Safe'...

'The people alone in their rooms thousands of miles away marking themselves safe is social media at its worst.'

A New Generation Takes The Lead In Nepal's Disaster Relief

With the government slow to act, hundreds of young professionals are taking it on themselves to build immediate shelters for those who have lost homes.