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Storyboards for CLIL Video Challenges

Collection of storyboards crafted by pre-service Primary CLIL teachers at URJC in Madrid before recording video challenges for CLIL Primary Education learners.
#ictclil_urjc 2015 Edition.


3,2,1 Action! A Storyboard for a CLIL video challenge for Primary Education.

Animals, ANIMALS, animals... storyboard by: asersb

Look at these poor animals! I think they got lost on the Internet! Shall we help them? Do you know where they live? Poor little beasties! The other day

Animals by: Mr. Martin

Animals by: Mr. Martin- animals story

Coastal landscapes storyboard by: jimenaacevedoreina

Learn More About This Storyboard: Coastal landscapes Storyboard to make a video explaining coastal landscapes to include in my ebook Introduction to the topic the beach Cliffs Dialogue: Hi kids! I'm spending my holidays in the coast, do you want to join me? Islands Dialogue: Hmmm I'm so relaxed sunbathing on the beach.

Exploring the Solar System storyboard by: mariadauden

Two astronauts take off in a rocket from Earth in search of new adventures Come with me! I will show you the way! They land on a small satellite which

Growing plants storyboard by: anikamm92

Learn More About This Storyboard: Growing plants This storyboard does not have a description. It was a very windy day. The valley was full of flowers and all the pollen was flying all day long. When the wind finally stopped, the pollen fell in a very diverse place, the lighthouse, with different kinds of plants.

Irene's Birthday Party storyboard by: elenabenitogonz

This storyboard has been created as a draft for a video challenge for the ICT module of the Master's degree in Bilingual Education I'm studying this year.

Landscapes around the world storyboard by: cristinaf

One day , in a circus, "Pliff the magician" was doing one of his best tricks: make things dissapear when.... PLIFF SHOW Look at this rabbit... Now, count

living things 2 storyboard by: martamoyaripoll

eso Title: 'Are you a living or a non-living thing?' I will ask my friends what they are so I may guess what I am! I'm so sad... I don't know if I'm a

Maths lessons could be fun! storyboard by: mplazade

Catch me if you can! Once upon a time, there were a bunch of cheerful and lively children having countless hours of fun at timetime How about playing hide-and-seek?

Meet Alan Walker storyboard by: rubenmanuelferrerocana

A storyboard created for the e-publication "The 7 continents" Hey guys! Let´s go to class. Teacher wants us to introduce someone! I´m coming! Good morning

Sports are fun!

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the cave 2 storyboard by: maldecoa

Prehistoric people used to live in caves, not in proper houses like today! It is very cold outside Come inside darling! It is very cosy here! They were

The story of a little genius storyboard by: silviapl_21

This story tells the life of Leonardo da Vinci when he was a child. The main objective of this storyboard is to call attention of children and their curious

The story of a young writer storyboard by: montserratmejia

A little girl wanted to be a writer Once upon a time, there was little girl that love reading and wanted to become a writer. Her teacher didn´t believed

Video Challenge 2

Marta Sánchez & Coral Muñoz VIDEO CHALLENGE STORYBOARD Movie title: VIVALDI & MOZART MEET THE NOTES Kind of movie: Animated with finger puppets Genre: Comedy Storyboard: Frame 1 Frame 2 Frame 3 Scene 1: Charly studying Music Theory. Scene