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Amazing soundtrack of HOME, 2015

Home is an adorable animated movie of an alien species called as the Boovs. This movie has amazing soundtracks and background scores. Here is a compilation of all the original scores, full soundtracks and who sings them. If you haven't watched the movie yet, don't waste another minute to watch this movie.

Towards The Sun

Song : Towards The Sun
Artist : Rihanna
When : When Oh and Tip get to Australia and start looking for Tip’s mom. They fight and part – Oh goes with his last capsule, while Tip remains on Earth.

Run to Me

Song : Run to Me
Artist : Clarence Coffee Jr
When : When Oh and Tip are in the car, Oh and Tip are being chased by the other furious Boovs while they try and escape from Paris.


Song : Kiesza
Artist : Cannonball
When : when Tip accepts Oh’s friendship and they drive to Australia to find Tip’s mom

As Real As You And Me

Song : As Real As You And Me
Artist : Rihanna
When : when they hug after Tip tries to rescue Oh who was caught inside the gigantic Gorge ship. After she realizes he’s safe

Red Balloon

Song : Red Balloon
Artist : Charli XCX
When : when Boovs running away to Earth and making it their new home.

Dancing In The Dark

Song : Dancing In The Dark
Artist : Rihanna
When : Plays in Oh's party. Kyle dances to it.

Drop That

Song : Drop That
Artist : Jacob Plant
When : when boovs’ enemys-the gorges find Tip and Oh. Trying to defend themselves they attack and then crash.

Feel The Light

Song : Feel The Light
Artist : Jennifer Lopez
When : when Oh returns to Earth to help Tip finally reunite with her mom, after being named as the captain

Only Girl

Artist : Rihanna
Song : Only Girl (In The World)
When : When Tip tries to give Oh a makeover so that they could enter paris without anyone noticing.

Drop That

Song : Drop That
Artist : Rihanna