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Chocochata - Must Read !

Celebrities and their problems

There are a lot many celebrities in the world that we as general public have put on too high a pedestal in terms of social circles. Their role in entertainment or sport should rather be their role in entertainment or sport alone; regardless of their success, this should not warrant them the societal advantages and perks that are generally observed nowadays.

Using Cash Back Credit Cards for Your Business

Given the vast numbers of credit cards available today, selecting the right one for your business can be very confusing. However, if you are one of those highly organized people who make payments on time - even ahead of time - you can ignore the marketing hype of traditional cards and consider applying for a cash back card.

UK Sterling Gains Strength after the Elections

After a slow week that resulted in slump in World bonds, the situation improved after the more business lenient Conservative Party won the election. The UK sterling also rose to the highest in two months. The improvement in sterling has led to strengthening the European company's share price.

10 benefits of being honest!

Honesty is a reflection of your own thoughts. It promotes authenticity and is good window into your thoughts and the way you carry yourself. Any lie or feigning of truth of any sort would reflect poorly on how people perceive you and this is a very undesirable situation for anyone.

Cost of being a couch potato!

In the event that practice and consistent physical movement advantage the body, a stationary way of life does the inverse, expanding the shots of getting to be overweight and building up various chronic illnesses.

Is magic real?

The coveted topic of "Is Magic Real?" has been largely debated and construed in many and varied ways. There may be some people who say that everything under the pretext of magic is a pretense and is only a matter of illusions and deception of sorts, whereas some might say that the power of magic is real and that they would actually believe in the magic and the wizardry behind magic rather than stating their opinions based on scientific facts and experiments.

Which career path is right for you?

Today's companies can't guarantee their workers lifetime vocations. The manager is compelled to concentrate on the best advantage of the organization - which may, or may not, be the same as the best advantage of every worker. Your manager can help you deal with your profession and grow by preparing, occupation movement and expanding responsibility.


Getting into a relationship could perhaps be considered fairly easy, but successfully managing a relationship is not as easy as it seems. So, what could you do to impress your lover and keep the spark alive? ยท As a male, it is important for you to not feign anything in the relationship or lie about anything either.


It has been quite a source of intrigue and debate for connoisseurs and avid followers of movies to decide whether or not the ratings of movies as given on IMDB, short for Internet Movie Database, are accurate, reliable and credible.


The marriage of cuisine and travel is well renowned. Having one without the other may well be termed frivolous. The very driving force of travel could also easily include cuisine as an integral part since each part of the world may have its own indigenous ingredients or styles or dishes or anything for that matter.


In the gigantic world of entertainment, movies are an integral source of intrigue, drama, thrill, comedy or any emotion for that matter. To make the movies special, each director has his or her own way with the movie - it may depend on how they progress through the story or how subtle they imbibe nuances in the movie or anything for that matter that is peculiar with that specific director.


Wines are one of the most popular and famous alcoholic beverages in the world. There are various different types of wines that may vary with each country or even regions inside the country for that matter.


All kinds of global events are always known to garner a lot of intrigue and interest from people all around the world. This is especially true when it comes to enormously popular sports that have been endorsed and consequently followed by all the different strata of the world.

Do You Know These Cartoon Characters Are Real People

There was a time in our lives when we thought that there is nothing better than cartoons and we were willing to finish boring homework in the hope to watch our favorite cartoon characters. As we grew older, we began comparing cartoons with real life people and we found those subtle differences that were not distinguishable for us as a child.

Budget car rentals come in handy when you need them, helping you to move from one point to another just right on time and at the convenience of your pocket. While the market is flooded with several providers of this kind, you better choose carefully.

In many companies, there is a clear divide between the IT department and all other functioning units of the firm. The division is often caused by computer services personnel who insist on communicating in what almost seems like an entirely different language, filled with heavy technical jargon.

Evernote is a productivity app, which is available on all platforms like windows, Mac, Android, iOS and web app. It is an app which allows one to store anything and everything one can possibly need on the cloud and access it everywhere.

PocketBook is the world's biggest producer of the e-readers. As the time goes, so goes the changes in the technology. First there were physical books, then came E-books and then come their different formats. The eBooks can be in epub format, word format, RTF format, PDF format etc.

After the new CEO of McDonald's has taken charge the company has unveiled the latest plans to stand against the severe competition faced by the dwindling business. The world renowned fast food chain has accepted its failure to change according to the changing tastes around the world.



Well, aren't the furry little animals something? The association between humans and cats has been afloat for about 9,500 years now; ever since the feline animals have clawed their way into human life, it has been a transient relationship since then.

Google's self-driving cars fail to avoid accidents

Google has been testing its self-driven vehicles on the Californian road for past six years. The report released by google suggest that the cars were involved in several minor accidents on the roads and highways.

BitTorrent launches its new messenger Bleep

With the growing concern mounting in the users around the world regarding the data security and identity protection over the internet. BitTorrent has launched a new server free messenger app that ensure the protection of the data and identity over the web.

Oil Prices reduce due to strong dollar

Crude oil prices experienced a slight decrease on Friday due to the strengthening dollar and impeding concerns regarding the slump in the oil supplies across the globe. On London's ICE future exchange a barrel of crude oil was trading at $66.70, while on the New York Mercantile Exchange the Crude oil futures traded at .3% lower per barrel.

A brawl broke out among several different biker gangs that caused nine deaths and 18 people severely injured outside a sports bar in Waco Texas. Police released a statement saying that about 200 different biker belonging from different gangs got in a brawl around 12:15 p.m. local time.

Google Launches Skrillex cover for its selected Nexus devices

Google has announced launch of limited addition cases for different smartphone with award winning producer Skrillex. The tech giant company has announced that the cases are first in its planned line of limited addition cases for its future smartphones. The cases would be available for sale in Google's online store for Samsung, LG as well as Nexus devices.