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LS1 240SX Swap Guide

What is the LS1?

The LS1 is one of the most versatile V8 configurations from Chevy which made its first appearance in the F body vehicles (1998-2001 Camaro, Firebird, TransAm) and is also found in the Corvette, giving Chevy an excellent powerplant to base an entire generation of performance vehicles.

This remarkable small block easily achieved Chevy’s goals for both power and torque. For the model year 1997 generated 354 hp at 5600 rpm 350 foot-pounds of torque at 4400 rpm. comparing these numbers the 1986 LT1, and one can easily see the increases power over 15%, peak torque over 5% all while reducing weight by 12%.


Learn GM Speak - RPO and You

Learn GM Speak - RPO and You

Locate your GEN III engine of choice, and it doesn't have to be one from a Camaro or Corvette. The term LS1 may mean the 5.7 liter engine, but really any number of differently sized GM engines apply for this LS1 240SX Swap Guide.

Engines like the LM7 or LR4 and many many more can be had for a _fraction_of the cost for a true LS1 engine. Any number of these budget LS1 engines can put you in the 340 wheel horsepower range, which is pretty good for your Nissan 240SX.

What is RPO?

The identification code is known as the GM RPO or the engine code of the specific model in question, and because it is so varied it is more reasonably priced.

You do not require a LS1 swap to achieve your goals, LQ9's and LM4 engines can be found relatively cheaper for those wanting to maximize the bang for the buck.

Translating the GM RPO - What the terms LS1, LS6, LQ9, LY2 mean


Get your LS1 motor mounts

Get your LS1 motor mounts

You will need LS1 swap mounts and the right driveshaft to complete your LS1 swap into your 240SX.

There's many low budget choices for LS1 swap mounts, and we've even got a guide on how to make your own LS1 swap mounts for people on a budget. Your LS1 motor mount kit should include CNC machined polyurethane mounts for higher end swap mounts, or welded flat steel for mounts on the cheap.


LS1 240SX driveshaft

LS1 240SX driveshaft

You will need a custom driveshaft if you want to know how to swap a LS1 into a 240SX. This will depend on a few things, that you should plan ahead for.

1. What transmission are you using? - If you are using a the factory Camaro transmission which is a six speed Tremec T56, use our handy guide to determine driveshaft length. If you are going for big power but don't want to break the bank, try a Nissan 350Z CD009 six speed which has been proven to handle over 1600 wheel horsepower. See our How To on prepping the CD009 transmission and the shifter to fit into your Nissan 240SX.

2. What generation of 240SX are you swapping into? - Easy enough to understand right? Driveshaft isn't the only thing that's really different, because wiring is also different for the earlier S13 240SX versus the S14 240SX.

3. ABS? - There are differences between the non ABS rear end pumpkin and the ABS version for your Nissan 240SX. ABS models will feature a longer snout and mating flange, which requires a different measurement.

The measurements for our Project S13 driveshaft is 49 inches from the back of our T56 to the flange on our non-ABS rear end.


LS1 engine wiring harness

LS1 engine wiring harness

Either buy a plug and play unit like the Chasebays plug and play LS1 engine swap harness shown above, or go for a company like Wiring Specialties that can support you throughout your LS1 swap.

You can of course decide to wire your own LS1 swap, and really it's not that hard. Use our instructions to wire your LS1 into your 1995-1998 Nissan 240SX here.


Check all Sensors

Check all Sensors

Let's face it, the last thing you want to do is hunt around your freshly completed LS1 swap for a bad sensor or broken connector. While your LS1 engine is out of your Nissan, take the time to review and check each one of your sensors.

For a cheat sheet guide on sensors you will need to complete your LS1 swap, check here.

Common problem sensors are the Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor GM part number 12614970 or your Mass Air Flow Meter GM part number 19207203. If you are looking to spray nitrous with your LS1, save yourself some time and install new spark plugs and new primary oxygen sensors.

Have some bad sensors and need to figure out how to test them? No problem!

How To Change LS1 Swap Oxygen Sensors
How To Test your LS1 MAP Sensor
How To Troubleshoot your LS1 Swap


Free Mods

Free Mods

There's quite a few free mods that can help improve the performance of your LS1 swap right out of the box. Modifying your LS1 bump stop to allow for 100% full open throttle is one such trick that's very common and easy to do.

If you live in temporal climates and it doesn't snow all too much where you live, you can also try the coolant bypass to prevent the engine coolant from heating your throttle body.


Remove your Nissan 240SX Engine

Remove your Nissan 240SX Engine

Sounds easy enough right? In all seriousness this job isn't too bad if you have a couple of buddies over to lend a hand. You can rent engine hoists for a pretty low price that will get the 2.4 liter KA24DE out of your Nissan 240SX.

Need a guide on how to get the stock engine out of a Nissan 240SX? Check our guide here.


Must-Do Checklist

Must-Do Checklist

There's handful of things in this guide that are simply must-do items if you want a successful LS1 240SX swap.

  • Install a remote bleeder Or you will regret having to drill into the driver side of your floorboard in order to slip a 10mm socket all the way through into the slave cylinder.

Don't ask us which customer's car we had to do this on, let's just say his name is George. ( It's actually David. )

  • Cut off tabs / Check clearance This will depend heavily on your engine mount choice. If you are going the standard Ebay route, you will need heavy modification to the firewall and driveshaft tunnel in order for the LS1 to fit.

If you have a T56 Tremec installed you will have to cut off the tabs from the exterior of the transmission. If you are using a CD009 you will need a shortened shifter base as well as new clutch pivot fork. Want to learn how to use a Nissan 350Z transmission to make a LS1 CD009 combination? Check here.