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Call Center Services

Outsource your call center services needs to us here in India and improve your customer retention and satisfaction.

Ways to ensure that your call center is performing well

Customer service has great impact on how people see a business and it is important to evaluate the performance of the call center regularly. Though most of the service providers in India do have an excellent name for its quality, it is always good to check their quality before you shake hands with them. Here are ways to ensure call center performance.

Amazing tips to improve email & web-chat customer support in a call center

Apart from the telephonic support that many multilingual call center companies offer, email and web chat support have also become an integral part of their service provisions. A professional Indian company always ensures maximum quality for their services by all possible means. Here are few tips to improve email & web-chat customer support.

Route map towards achieving the status of a perfect multilingual call center services provider

With the increasing popularity of internet, geographical boundaries impose least restrictions for the growth of any business irrespective of its type. So, even a small business initiative in a developing country like India can increase its customer base worldwide. If you want your call center to get transformed as a trusted hub offering seamless multilingual solutions, here are certain facets on which you must focus.

What all should multilingual call centers consider with apex relevance?

When your customer base expands to diverse geographical locations, understanding that people hailing from different nations may not have the same expectations from you is vital. However for the success of any Indian company, certain factors are to be considered. Here are top 3 factors among them.

Why is live chat support inevitable for an ecommerce website?

If your website is optimized or your brand has a reputation, getting traffic is not a big deal. Making the visitors stay and place order is what defines your success. In this time devoid scenario, people have less patience to wait or scan your website carefully for any information they need.

Unavoidability of multilingual call center services for small businesses

Please wait while the post is deleted ... Digital Marketing Specialist @ PGBS When it comes to small businesses, the owners find it comfortable to consider their complete customer base as English speaking people. But the fact is that, availing support in additional languages significantly widens your customer base.

Will your business actually need virtual assistance services?

For good reasons we are of the opinion that every investment a business makes should be sensible.Unfortunately even many budding businesses take unwise steps and shed massive amount of dollars on futile investments. When it comes to virtual assistance services, it obviously is a choice that offers you comfort.

Targeting Europe? Why providing multilingual call center services in German language is important?

Europe is one of the most dynamic market with immense potential for any business. And if you want to make your presence felt in Europe, providing customer service in German language is something that companies offering multilingual call center support must unfailingly do. Let us see the importance of inclusion of this language.

5 tips for enhancing the quality of call center technical support

Keeping a caller comfortable is the basic objective of any executive who is entrusted with the job of providing technical support services. Best results can be obtained only if proper workforce management is done. Take a look on important tips for enhancing the quality of call center technical support.

Best practices for disaster recovery in call centers

Disaster recovery is inevitable for call centers. The article sheds light on some important practices, considerations and information regarding disaster recovery plans.

3 upsides of language interpretation services

Knowing how to speak a particular language helps you to talk with utmost level of confidence. The glitch in the situation arises when you need to speak a completely different language and there is absolutely no escaping. The prime problem faced by the employees Customer service executives often encounter this problem.

3 ways Virtual assistants help in the boom of real estate business

Keeping a balance between personal and professional life is very important. Hiring a VA comes handy for this as they serve 24*7 and you get more time to be more productive. Let us evaluate how a virtual assistant performs in real estate business.

7 wonderful tips for choosing the right call center service provider

Call center services provide immense support to customers by dealing with their issues related to a product or service. But what makes selection of the right company a confusing task is the availability of a number of services. Underlying tips will guide you on selecting the most suited outsourcing partner for your requirement.

Seven things for which you can rely on virtual assistants

Are you stressed with workload? Have you started forgetting important things? Do you feel that things can't anymore be handled alone? Again, are you worried that hiring a professional service provider on a permanent basis may not be viable? In such a situation, outsource to virtual assistant your requirements; this would be the best thing...

4 tips for anyone planning to setup his multilingual customer support company by Christa Elrod

by Christa Elrod Business development manager Geographical boundaries no more impose any restriction these days. Businesses can grow and flourish by exploiting the scope offered by the expanded prospective customer base. Businesses obviously have to target people hailing from different languages, time zones and cultures. This has paved way for a new trend of outsourcing.

What it takes to be a Virtual Assistant in Real Estate

Just like a personal assistant for any other business, real estate virtual assistants are also meant to be educated, professional and skilled. Let us see the qualities that they should possess to stay safe in this competitive industry. VAs working in this field must not only be resourceful but reliable also.

5 tips to build rapport while providing live chat support services

The value of live chat cannot be underestimated at any point of service. Just like phone, email and onsite service, chat service also plays a definitive role in altering the customer mood to swing it in the favor of your organization.

5 valuable tips for enhancing the skills of call center staffs

The fact that typical call centers offer exceptional service to organizations cannot be left out while we discuss some of the important tips that can assist customer support representatives in delivering better service. What lot of them offers but rarely achieve is timely feedback.

Areas to focus on for providing best contact centre customer service

This article sheds light on a lot of information for increasing the effectiveness of small business answering service. Read and explore further details.

Telephonic surveys and CATI services- Certain facts you need to know

Computer telephone interviewing is highly preferred owing to its numerous upsides; affordability tops the list. Read this blog to get more details about CATI

Evaluating the performance of call center services

Here, we have brought to light many options for performance evaluation of companies offering call center services.

A quick review of how virtual assistant services help businessmen

The demand for virtual personal assistant services is skyrocketing. This blog illuminates the reasons for that.

Metrics for assuring great quality Inbound call center outsourcing services

Among many other inbound call center techniques, tracking certain metrics are found out to be highly useful in analyzing the competence of call center agents. Let see few among them.

Lead generation to conversion- how you can do it?

Here, some of the highly operative call center tips are put together. Read and find out how they can be of help.

5 steps towards prolifically doing a CATI survey

This step by step guide for CATI market research can be helpful for any agent. Assure maximum success of your telephonic survey; read more.