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Helpful Ten-Tip Guide For An Active Elder Lifestyle

Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle as we grow older is a necessary and relevant habit especially for the elder people. As they age, their immune system declines and they are less active in physical activities. Aside from that, the sharpness of their memory reduces as they age. Hence, it is a little tricky to maintain a healthy and energized lifestyle. To shed light on this, here are ten tips for elders to consider in order for them to have an active lifestyle.

Lifestyle Matters, Even in the Elderly | MEDPAGETODAY

A longitudinal study showed that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and an active social network can aid longevity even among the elderly. Yes, indeed a healthy way of living can make a big difference as we age. Elder people who are more inclined to activities and social life are more likely to live longer.

Healthy Living in Your 70s and Older | Healthcommunities

Aging is a natural process or change that our body undergoes through time. Staying healthy at the age of 70 or older can be very difficult for elders because of psychological changes that they encounter as they grow older. However, it is still possible to improve health as well as reducing health risks by following the keys for a longer and fit way of living.

The Importance Of Exercise As You Get Older | NHS Choices

To keep elders health intact and full of vigor, they should get involved in physical activities. We normally see older people just sitting or lying in bed, which is not good. This inactivity can contribute to various heart ailments as well as obesity. It is important for them to stay healthy and independent as they grow older.

Active Lifestyle Aids "Healthy Ageing" | Nursing Times

New research suggests that elder people who take time to exercise regularly in later life tend to live three times longer than those of their inactive peers. Exercise and physical activity are good for elders. Regular exercise can help boost energy as well as strengthen their bones and muscles as they age.

Exercise and Fitness as You Age | Helpguide

Maintaining a fit and healthy body through regular exercise is the key to successful aging. Elders are more susceptible to respiratory ailments and any other sickness, however, taking exercise daily can help boost the immune system that could help manage fight health risks. Aside from that, physical activities can lower the risks of acquiring mental and coronary diseases.

You aren't old until you're 80! | DailyMail

When we say old age, you’d probably think of 60s and older, however, due to healthier and more active lifestyles, 80s is the new age for you to be called “old”. Following a healthy lifestyle, indeed older people can live longer, they can even live up to 90s or even 100s as long as they keep a an active routine.

How much physical activity do older adults need? | CDC

Elders need physical activities to help them keep up with healthy aging. Their regular exercise is different compared to the routines done by younger individuals. If done regularly, this exercise could help their muscles grow stronger so they can keep doing your day-to-day activities without becoming dependent with others. There are guidelines that needs to be followed maintain a fit and active lifestyle.

Healthy Aging and Senior Lifestyle | WikiHow

Having a happy, healthy and spiritually fulfilled life as we grow old is what we all desire. Following the how to steps to achieve this dream could be a great benefit especially for elders. Discover the little known facts about the status of life that seniors have and how they are treated by the society.

Mental Activity May Keep Older Brains Healthy | MedicalNewsToday

Various studies have come around nowadays, digging deeper in search for answers, one of such is about mental activities concerning elders. According to the study that was presented at a meeting in the US, simple mental activity such as reading, writing, playing games and doing puzzles may protect brain health in old age.

Maintain Your Brain: Vary Your Routine | Agecare

Another helpful reminder to keep elders’ brain fit and healthy is to vary our routine. Activities that would challenge the sharpness of seniors’ mind would be the best exercise and stimulation for the brain. On the other hand, studies have shown that the more we force our brain to stretch, the more likely we are to hold on to better brain function.