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Updated by Herbert Vic on Apr 23, 2015
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5 reasons why you should keep your area clean

Keeping your surrounding environment clean is very important not only to your personal health but also for the sake other living organism that depend on environment to survive.



According to a recent reach conducted by an independent organization, 60% of homeowners don’t care about the cleanliness of their surrounding environment and only 10% take the initiative of cleaning their immediate environment. Most people who were interviewed said that it is the role of the government to always ensure that the environment is clean because they pay taxes. Although their argument is correct, we as citizens also have a role to play to ensure that we keep our area clean. So are you wondering why you should take the initiative of keeping your area clean? If yes then below are 5 main reasons why.


It helps to reduces stress level

Do you know that a nasty and cluttered environment can increase your stress level? If you try to relax outside your compound that is very untidy, you will have a very difficult time because of the smell and general appearance of the area. Scientific research have shown that people who live in untidy areas have high level of stress as compared to those who live in clean area. Therefore if you want to decrease your stress level, ensure that you clean your surrounding area all the time.


To prevent allergies

Dust and dirt are the main causes of allergy among many people. A research that was conducted by mayo clinic found out hat 70% of all allergies reported are caused by dirt and dust. Bacterial infection can also cause allergy. If you want to prevent allergic reaction from affecting your normal life, ensure that you keep your area clean. Ensure that waste collection is done on time and try as much as possible to ensure that that your surrounding area is free from dust.


To create more space

We all know that a heap of garbage waste that has accumulated on the roadside occupies a lot of space that prevents people from moving freely. Effective waste collection can reclaim the wasted space and use it for construction purposes or for parking. More space will be created and people will enjoy the comfort that come with creation of new space.


To improve your general overall heath.

A safe environment will help keep our overall health in good condition. When heaps of garbage is left uncollected for long period of time, it will become the breeding ground for mosquitoes, fungi and bacteria that will in turn lead to diseases like chicken pox, jaundice and malaria. If you are concerned with your health and that of the people around you, then you should ensure that you area is free from garbage.


To impart good qualities among individuals.

If you take that initiative of removing rubbish form your local area, you will actually set a good example that others will emulate. You will not only help to keep the environment safe, but you also become a good role model to others. You will motivate other people to also join your campaign of ensuring that you area is clean.

In conclusion, rubbish removal is a very important exercise that helps to keep your area clean. From the above mentioned points, it is very clear that we have a role to play to ensure that we create a healthy and safe environment not only for our own sake but also for other creatures that depends on the environment to survive.

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