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6 areas to consider when planning your interior

Whether you choose to handle your interior design project on your own or prefer to call in a professional, planning still remains a critical aspect of the project.



Having a comprehensive plan in place increases the chances of the project being successful. So, even if you choose to handle your interior design project on your own, you should not necessarily lower your expectations. Take some time and plan the project to save yourself from costly mistakes. Below are 5 critical areas to consider while making the interior design plan.



Prior to redesigning any of the rooms of your home, it is imperative that you know the space intimately. To do this, you need to examine the room and measure it. Take note of the location, dimensions, switches and power outlets. When you have an idea of the size of each room, it will be easier for you to pick an ideal floor coverings, furnishings, paints, and accessories for each room. It is additionally important to write down a list of items you intend to keep in each room.


Functions of each room

During planning, it is a good idea to determine what function each space will serve for all the members of the family. So, you need to list down some of the activities that the room should accommodate. However, you will note that some rooms can serve lots of functions depending on the type and size of the space. For example, the modern living room is no longer used solely for watching TV. It now serves as a computer room, reading room, as well as an entertainment area for entertaining friends and family. Even though the modern living room has numerous other functions, the activities listed are just a few you should consider while designing the room.


Make A Comprehensive Plan

Once you have determined the function of each room, make a floor plan that indicates where furniture items will be arranged. Consider critical factors like ease of movement and comfort within the rooms as you make a plan that clearly outlines furniture placement. While at it, think of some innovative ways you could enhance the functionality of the space. Adding more storage units by investing in customized cabinets is a good example of increasing functionality of a given space.


Picking furniture pieces

Start selecting the furniture items based on the floor plan. Double-check your preferred selections based on the measurements of the floor plan. Furthermore, you need to make sure the furniture items chosen produce the appearance and feel you desire.



Lighting is an essential part of interior design. Lighting is additionally essential because it makes it easier for you to carry on with specific tasks within a room and creates an ambiance. Remember, lighting can make or break the mood of any given space. So, think about accent lighting, the task, and ambient.

Designers generally work with a plan while handling interior design projects since the plan allows them to make reference during the entire design process. So, always remember to prepare a plan for your interior design before beginning the project.

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