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Traditional Indonesian Cuisines to Try - Traditional Indonesian Dishes in Bali

As a food lover's Mecca Bali is one of the best venues to sample the best of traditional Indonesian cuisine. From classic Gorengs to Bakso soup the hot-pick dishes to sample are as follows.


Mie Ayam

Perhaps the most simplistic variation of the "Mie" noodle food group Mie Ayam is a scintillating noodle dish that can be described as a classic comfort food in Indonesia. Made with chicken broth this soupy noodle concoction is garnished with dumplings, sweet flavoured chicken slices, kai choy and red onions.



Often called Indonesia's take on Spaghetti and meatballs this traditional dish combines classic local style meat balls with yellow noodles and chicken soup to create a dish that is as delicious as it sounds. Topped off with sambal, friend onions and celery this healthy meal is another must-try dish for food lover's scouring Indonesia's traditional fare.


Mie Goreng

Although this fried noodle favourite has won global acclaim with its unique blend of textures and flavours no self respecting food lovers can give this classic dish a miss in its home country. A bowl of authentic Indonesian Mie Goreng should be at the top of the list of must-try menu items in any Indonesian restaurant large and small. Served with ingredients that are also found in a plate of Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng is a hot pick for all noodle fanatics.


Bubur Ayam

Tipped to be Indonesia's favourite breakfast dish Babur Ayam is a mouth-watering rice porridge topped off with sliced chicken and fried red onions. Chinese crullers are also part of this classic dish also includes kerupuk as well.


Nasi Goreng

A rice dish par excellence Nasi Goreng is Indonesia's signature dish for the masses. As a traditional meal that combines the best elements of Indonesian cuisine a plate comes with fried rice, chilli, vegetable and one's choice of meats including chicken, prawn or fish.



A well-known conventional soup Soto is a hearty broth made up of chicken stock and turmeric. Synonymous with its yellow appearance the dish is garnished with rice vermicelli, chicken, egg and fried onions. Various incarnations of Soto are sold across Indonesia with different regions boasting its own variation of the familiar dish. Examples include Soto Betawi in the capital with the central Javanese variation dubbed Soto Kudus and the Sulawesi incarnation named Soto Makassar.



Often compared to ketoprak due to the presence of peanut sauce as the main dressing Gado-Gado combines a variety of vegetables including kangkung, cabbage, green bean, bean sprouts and spinach. Ketupat and lontong are also part of this dish which is a favourite among vegetarians.



As a favourite tea time snack that is widely available in the country Martabak is a delicious pancake variety with a host of fillings. martabak telor is one of the more popular variations of the crispy dish while Indonesians also make sweet tasting variations of the pan-friend folded pancake with banana and durian fillings. Tourists will love the Nutella filled martabak sold in the capital while others with cheese, peanut and fruit fillings are equally mouth-watering options.



A classic dish that exemplifies Indonesian cuisine at its best Gudeg combines a variety of flavours to provide a memorable dining experience. Served with sambal goreng krecek the dish includes jack fruit infused with palm sugar and is the national dish of shorts in Yogyakarta.



Another street food that is widely sold in Bali Ketoprak is a conventional Indonesia dish with Lontong or a rice cake as its centrepiece. Available all across Bali the dish is a favourite among beach vacationers based in a luxury hotel in Bali Indonesia according to Anantara Vacation Club Bali Seminyak reviews.