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Updated by Fritzjames Stephen on Apr 23, 2015
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Travel Tips for When Travelling to Hot Climates – enjoy your summer

Most travellers simply wait for summer to dawn. But then again, just like winter, you need to be equipped good enough to stroll in summer. As summer dawns, you will have days longer, your kids will get longer school breaks and nature turns greener and greener. But with the recent changes in climate, it is always better to equip yourself against the harmful effects of sunshine.


Spice secret

The more you eat spices the more you will sweat. Sweating is a good thing. First, because you will hardly get to experience that during winter. Second, when sweat evaporates you will have a cooling effect. So a good way to try out spicy dishes is to reach a local club. If you are still undecided, refer to Anantara Vacation Club Reviews, which you will find among Vacation Club Reviews. The spicy food makes you hot at first, but you will feel refreshed afterwards. By making sure you sweat a lot, you can guarantee a cooling effect in summer.


Drink thoroughly

Another tip to make you stay refreshed during summer. A good deal of drinking will not only make you sweat a lot more, but it will also make you stay hydrated. Otherwise the extreme sunshine will cause headaches as you stay dehydrated. Unlike other seasons, you will require more water to stay hydrated. At the same time, try to avoid other drinks such as ice coffees, cold beers and chilled cocktails. Yes, they sound so nice in a warm weather. But they will dehydrate you a lot sooner. If you really want to have any of them, make sure you have a good share of water as well.


Shield against sun

With the recent trends of climate change, sun has become somewhat dangerous to the naked skin – especially when it reaches zenith. For someone who is not much used to the sun, should apply a minimum of 30 SPF sunscreen. You should also have your head and eyes covered. A hat and a cool pair of shades will simply do the work.



You will feel the benefit of shower during summer more than any other time. After a whole day's journey, a shower will make you feel refreshed. It is like bathing in a cold rain. So make sure you have a good shower before you turn in at the end of the day.


Dress loose

You need to stash behind those heavy winter clothing. Opt for light cotton clothing. They will not only make you protected from the sun, but you will also feel comfortable throughout the day. Dress loose and you feel more comfortable for sweating.


Take a deep dip

On a well sunny day, nothing is more refreshing like taking a deep dip in a swimming pool. But you need to make sure you have put on waterproof sunscreen before taking to the waters. Yes, swimming could be more beneficial than any other times. So enjoy it.