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Updated by Stuart Marler on Apr 23, 2015
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Here are our latest articles.

How to check if your website mobile Google friendly

In the second part of our " Is your website Google friendly" series, we look at the above question "Is your website mobile Google friendly" - this is of most importance, since Google is making a further algorithm change as of the 21st of April 2015. See here.

Is Facebook Lying about Facebook Page Reviews

And if so WHY? Have you noticed recently, that mysteriously your business pages are getting a ridiculous amount of page views? Have you seen the message appear in your notifications folder, only then to disappear? You are not the only one, we have spoken to a loft of people recently, all noticing the same phenomenon.

What is Google In-Page Analytics

Ever visited a webpage, couldn't see what you were looking for, so just hit the back button? That's a situation we┬┤re all probably familiar with. When visitors arrive at your website you want them to stay, so it makes sense to make sure they can easily find what they are looking for.

Google Announces Mobile Friendly websites Will be Ranked Higher

Google has announced that from the 21st April 2015, they will be ranking responsive websites - mobile friendly websites- higher in their search engine results. In 2014 for the first time, internet searches made on mobile devices - mobile phones, tablets and laptops were higher than those used on desk top PCs; and it can only improve as more and more people get intelligent mobile devices and move away from desk top computers.

What is Digital Marketing?

Seems like a fairly straightforward question doesn't it, and perhaps a fairly basic one for a digital marketing company to be writing about? But, with an average of 1000 people per month searching Google for 'What is Digital Marketing' in the UK alone, there is clearly demand for a thorough explanation.

Are FREE SEO reports worth the money?

SPAM emails offering free reports SO, you get many emails daily from various SEO agencies offering free reports on your website - we even get them and we are a digital marketing agency - as do many of my cohorts. Why do we all get these emails?

How To Measure Your Return On Investment For A Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing is always changing, this has been caused by Google's algorithm changes and higher competition from businesses using the internet for marketing promotions. Digital marketing includes search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media to promote a business and its website, gone are the days when a campaign could be measured by the amount of visitors the site has produced.

Doorway Pages Good or Bad

Google has announced this week that they are going to clamp down on Doorway pages. Should you be concerned? Yes if your SEO company uses them. A doorway page is or site has been made to rank highly for specific search queries.

Why use a business app for a salon

The purpose of this article is to answer some basic questions - What is a business mobile app. What can a business app offer. Why you should use a business app. What are the benefits of a business app.

The advantages and disadvantages of one page websites

As we know, one page websites are all the rage - the website of choice for the modern, on-trend company. There is no denying that they can look fantastic, but, and this is a big but, are they SEO friendly?

Is your website Google friendly?

Have you spent thousands of pounds on getting a website designed, built, laden with content and only to find that nobody is visiting your site? Are you getting visitors but nobody is actually buying from your site or making enquiries about your services? Do you need sales from your website?

When is the best time to post on social media

This is probably the most popular question we get asked during our social media training and service provision. When is the best time? Easy, yeah? when everybody is online, 9-5 and then sometime in the evenings for those really hooked on social media!!

5 tips to advertise your social media to your customers

Everyone talks about using social media, having a website, getting found online and many other forms of digital marketing for getting found online. How else can you get people to know about your brand online? Who are the best people to help you advertise your brand, your products, your website etc.?

Is Google the only search engine

All you here now a days is Google this and Google that. Are there any other search engines out there and do they make a difference to your search results in ... yes you got it Google. The answers here are YES and YES.