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ePublishing Services

We provide wide range of E Publishing Services to various organizations globally. An India based E Publishing Company specializing in digitization services.

Fixed layout ebook conversion- certain aspects you need to know

Surviving as one of the top ebook conversion companies is not like a walk in the park; it demands persistent effort backed by judicious planning. As the development of eBook goes, fixed-layout is a rather multifarious format that can represent exact replica of printed pages and that is what makes the format such an interesting one. Here are certain aspects which extremely help to stay ahead of the already raging competition.

How to maximize the potential of your ebooks

The relevance of original, innovative and high quality content is really huge. You can effectively educate your target audience through whitepapers, webinars, eBooks etc. In a nutshell, though efforts and cost of creating a strategically distributed eBook can be high, the payback offered by it is huge. Generating leads and transforming them into customers can easily be possible if you take care of certain aspects.

Enhance the fineness of eBooks by incorporating audio and video

There are many professional companies that provide excellent enhanced eBook conversion services. Though there are not many readers supporting all the superior features of enhanced versions, those that support these can offer incredible experience to the readers. Devices such as Kobo Arc, iPad, Nook Tablet and Nook Color support ePubs that are enriched with audio and video capabilities.


Why you should not think twice before embracing ePub 3?

When EPUB 3 arrived, lot of companies offering eBook conversion services embraced it. This new standard offered a wide plethora of benefits and the level of interactivity offered was the main highlight. For those still looking for reasons to choose this amazing provision, the following upsides can surely convince

Enjoy nook eBooks online by tapping in the right resource channels

Nook device is hot favourite with readers passionate about e-books. The Digital Rights Management (DRM) comes in the way of readers who wish to enjoy the books on other devices. Book format that is consistent with nook layout is ePub as it offers convenient reading even on smaller screens.

The purpose of any book is to engage readers. Beyond interesting content, numerous elements play crucial role in determining a book’s ability to keep readers retain their interest. Here are certain scenarios where enhanced eBook conversion is highly recommended.

Wedding snaps is in fact the best way to keep your memories safe and intact. A photo album for wedding is not something rare these days. Earlier, people focused only on the quality of photos captured. But nowadays they are very much concerned about the way these photos are arranged in wedding albums. For getting excellent albums, here are some important factors to be considered.

Digital publications are expeditiously substituting printed books. Smarter authors and publishers have already apprehended this fact and they are all triggered towards making the most of it. As one of the best eBook conversion service providers, at many instances we recommend PDF conversion for writers approaching us because of many reasons. Here are few important among them.

Digital Formats for Fixed Layout

Digitization has revolutionized the whole publishing industry. Readers have become accustomed to reading via digital platforms and now they enjoy it more than that of traditional printed books. There are several formats in which electronic versions are made available. Today let us see various digital formats for fixed layouts.

Adding eBook formats to Kindle Fire HDX

Kindle Fire HDX has great resolution and high pixel density thus making reading a pleasure. This article explains in 3 simple steps on how you can add eBook formats to the device.

9 benefits of pdf to flash flip book conversion

The benefits of flash flip books are innumerable. These serve as really effective marketing and selling tools. By creating an ambiance using sound effects, they add vibrancy to the materials. Have a look at several benefits of pdf to flash flip book conversion.

5 facts about ePub3 format that you should know

EPub3 is a format many upsides for publishers as well as readers. This article brings to you 5 prominent among them.

PDF is one of the most popular and preferred formats for all those who enjoy reading over handheld devices. There are many benefits for this format. All elements stay perfectly in synch and also in precise proportion.

5 reasons to convert PSD to XHTML

Professionals are increasingly embracing XHTML these days. Here we bring to you 5 among the most important upsides of PSD to XHTML conversion.

7 blockades that you encounter during XBRL conversion

Providing precise and reliable data at a substantial pace, XBRL has been in the limelight for quite a time. But that is not all. There are few potholes where extensible business reporting language fails to deliver resulting in data inconsistency and data comparison issues.

A design that is at least 1600 pixels in width is an acceptable one. Always rely on the resolution factor, you have to choose the best because the best cover images available are always of high quality. Since technology is evolving every minute it is better to stick with 300 dpi resolution.

A design that is at least 1600 pixels in width is an acceptable one. Always rely on the resolution factor, you have to choose the best because the best cover images available are always of high quality. Since technology is evolving every minute it is better to stick with 300 dpi resolution.

EPUB‘s structure- How it impacts iBooks app

This write-up takes you through some of the really important information regarding the influence of epub’s structure in iBooks app.

3 applications of OCR for efficient business operations

OCR technologies play an important role in the data processing field. Here 3 of its most beneficial applications for businesses are explained.

Professional typesetting tips

There are certain fundamentals of typesetting that you must be acquainted with. This blog deals with the same.

There are a lot of tools and software programs that help in creating great quality eBooks. Let us have a glance on some of the most popular ones among them.

Amazon kindle conversion & formatting- importance

This write-up is an analysis of the relevance of amazon kindle conversion and formatting in the present digital era.

In this article, some of the steps and vital information on how to self-publish your book are detailed. Read more.

The blog details some of the important factors to consider before you select an xbrl tagging services provider