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Tips, Tricks and Latest News in Web Development

Here's the list that gives you all sort of information in web development. In 2015 web development and web designing are playing significant roles in desktop as well as smart phones. So web developers should know all details in this field and make a better quality website. Don't go anywhere, this list will help you by giving latest news in web development and teach you smartly by giving some useful tips and tricks.


Top Reasons for Why and When We Need PHP Frameworks

Here in this article we can deal with two different sorts of questions: why you should use a PHP framework? And in what circumstances will PHP prove useful to you?

Common WordPress Mistakes Committed by Rookies

Like anybody else, even the WordPress users and developers, during the open source development of it, make some common mistakes. These silly blunders can easily be avoided.

Web Designer V/S Web Developer - Differences in the Work Pattern 2015

The article discloses the basic difference in the work pattern of both web designer and web developer.

PHP Web Developers - Common Mistakes

Many frameworks in PHP have only made the language more sophisticated, further increasing the chances of making mistakes. Find out common mistakes made by php developers in this article.

Advanced PHP Web Development Tools in 2015

Professional web developers make php web development absolutely stunning with the aid of different kinds of tools. A designer prefers tools after checking number of features, and the choice of the right tool for php web development is vital for creating user-friendliness and better interaction.

Symfony 2 vs CodeIgniter - Features and Benefits

There is no dearth for cross-platform PHP web application frameworks. Not one, Not two, many are there in fact. While some are more famous, others frameworks are also widely popular. The main aim of these frameworks is to fasten the development and maintenance of web applications.

Card Based Website Design - Latest Trend Unleashed in 2015

From its initial stages onward, website development has witnessed certain trends emerging to popularity at some point of time. Parallax scrolling, infographic, and material designs are cases in point. Similar to these trends, card based web designing is rapidly gaining the attention of organizations all over the world now.

Yet to Release PHP 7 Expected Features and Advantages

Have you been waiting for the release of PHP 7 ? If so, your long wait for it is becoming a reality, anytime soon. As a language for web development, it has continued to be popular among the PHP developers community. Undoubtedly, this server side scripting language is today the language that is much in demand.

SASS vs SCSS - Which One can Serve You Better

Sass as well as SCSS are two terms we hear in the discussions quite commonly when we consider custom website development in general. When we take the term to an extended debate, most of the people do not have a clear idea of both these terms. Here is an attempt to explain both terms with considerable amount of clarity, and state the difference between the two.

CodeIgniter Features and Advantages

There is a huge demand for CodeIgniter among the PHP web developers due to its dynamic features and benefits these days. It is one of most popular and agile open source PHP framework for creating robust web applications in PHP web development field. Any web applications developed based on CodeIgniter framework perform effectively and rapidly.

Which is Best - PHP Vs Nodejs

Initially PHP and Nodejs are two different technologies in IT environment. But many peoples like to know about some differences between them. Get them here.

Most 10 Popular PHP Frameworks in 2015 for PHP Web Developers

Since PHP frameworks encompass incredible features for php web developers, it has gained a huge recognition and has become the world's most versatile serve side scripting language. It is a dynamic and easy to learn language extensively used for programming web pages. PHP frameworks are widely known as functional platform and help creating any complex application easily and quickly.

Technical skills required for Web Designers in 2015

In 2015, Web designers should be sharp in developing websites which might attract all the users to stay in long time in a website. This is not an easy task in these days. So web designer have to put lots of efforts to handle this problem.

In the field of web designing, whole trends has been changed. A website must be in responsive manner, low loading time, quality images than texts, easy navigation and etc.,

For this reason all web designers should know some fundamental skills like HTML 5, CSS 3, JS , Boostrap and etc., Here you can get some detailed discussion about web designers technical skills.

What is MVC and Principles of MVC for PHP Developers

What is MVC ?

The model-view-controller (MVC) is software architecture or a design pattern that is widely used in website development. It is generally used for creating web applications or software and ensures high efficiency.

Principles of MVC for PHP Developers

The three major modules are embedded in the PHP web development that results in the development of scalable and impressive web applications.

For more info click the title above.

5 Excellent Open Source Tools for Web Developers

The evolution of open source applications and tools are highly beneficial for web designers as it is highly efficient and boost the performance of the websites. Before creating any website, the web developer must find genuine information about the latest tools available for building websites.

Get here really useful open source tools that will ease out every web developers efforts. These 5 tools are free to use is an added advantage for us.

Open source development tools are little expensive and are also free.Only free tools are makes web developers to do their task always easily and efficiently without spending a money.

8 Best UI/UX Tools for Responsive Web Designing to Increase your Productivity

These tools are really the best tools that will ease our efforts when we going for mobile friendly web design. Nowadays, the improved UX tools and UI resources are playing a vital role in custom website development as it works faster and smarter. In this blog, we have 8 UX/UI tools that are ideal for prototyping.

HTML5 VS HTML6 and 10 Advanced Features We Looking for in HTML6

Web developers are encountering various other problems while providing web development solutions.
Custom web development company's demands are gradually increasing towards the improvement of HTML5!
Thus, they are demanding for a brilliant markup language that overcomes the obstacles of HTML5 which is technically still incomplete.
Here are some 10 proposals for incredible HTML6 which is sure to outpace the web developers.


The Ultimate Guide to Responsive Design Disasters and How to Avoid Them

The Ultimate Guide to Responsive Design Disasters and How to Avoid Them

As we know that custom web development is quite interesting and complicated, This article which would assist you to avoid some problems that exist during web development.
Web designers encounter 3 major mistakes with responsive designs which are pretty tough. This article provides excellent solutions to ward off those mistakes.

Read more at : The Ultimate Guide to Responsive Design Disasters and How to Avoid Them

12 Reasons to Choose PHP for Developing Website in 2015

The Internet industry has been revolutionizing numerous technologies for the betterment. Most web developers choose PHP to design their own website. The main reason is it is an open-source server-side scripting language that provides multifarious features. It is also an interpreted script language best suited for developing websites as per your preferences.

This article is very useful for the users as it contains various information on why to choose PHP over other languages! Let’s have a look on the reasons why PHP is extensively used for website development.

The Purpose of becoming web developer after Web Development Course

Who are Web Designers and Web Developers ? A web designer in it's most basic meaning is an individual, who, in one way or another, is connected to the work, job as well as career of enhancing applications and other associated ideas with regard to World Wide Web.

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