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Updated by Techsoft Blogger on Apr 22, 2015
Headline for Google's Native OS Applications Popularity, Its Push into Enterprise mobility & Business Features
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Google's Native OS Applications Popularity, Its Push into Enterprise mobility & Business Features

As per market research & analysis Android platform based applications are increasing their popularity. Google is leveraging this advantage & has started gaining enterprise mobility through acquiring business features.

Android most popular enterprise OS, claims Frost & Sullivan

Analyst house Frost & Sullivan has found that Android is the most popular OS among US and European enterprises, with Windows Mobile and BlackBerry still holding significant market share. The study, entitled 'The Future of Mobile Devices from a Consumer Perspective', shows that Android garnered 56% of the vote, compared with 41% for iOS, and a surprisingly high 30% and 28% for Windows Mobile and BlackBerry respectively.

Developing Small Utility to Enterprise-grade solutions

Android platform based applications are most widely used due to its flexibility and capability to run over various devices. This benefit is leveraged by developer to provide robust enterprise grade solutions.

Android for Work Pushes Google Further Into Enterprise

Google's push into the enterprise gained steam last week when the company finally launched Android for Work, a containerization platform and standalone app for older Android devices that lets IT administrators create separate corporate and personal workspaces on Android smartphones and tablets.

Android 5.0 Lollipop: 7 Sweet Features for Business

Will the new Android hit your business's sweet spot? Google recently unveiled another statue joining the dessert party at Googleplex. In addition to the giant cupcake, gingerbread man, ice cream sandwich, jar of jellybeans, Kit Kat bar and other representations of previous Android versions, there's now an Android robot holding an oversized swirl lollipop.

Android 5 vs. iOS 8 vs. Windows Phone 8.1: Which smartphone OS is best?

You're in the market for a new smartphone (maybe your first smartphone), but which digital horse should you put your money behind? Choosing a smartphone OS is a bigger choice than you realize. Thankfully, if you can't decide whether to pick iPhone, one of the many Android phones, or Windows Phone, we're here to help.

How Every App Developer Helps Defend Android And iOS Against A Smartphone Revolution

You can work on your alternative mobile operating system as much as you like, you can throw money at the sales teams and the developers, and you can publicly state you are going to take on the incumbents. It doesn't matter.

Business Friendly Android features to add vailue in Enterprise mobility

Look into how Android is increasing its power and becoming Enterprise friendly acquiring various business oriented features.