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Updated by April Rose Casiple Semogan on Mar 01, 2023
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10 Important Reminders For Heavy Equipment Safety

As we celebrate earth day, it is important for us to keep our safety from all dangers and harm that may come our way. Heavy equipment or earth moving machines have been recently reported due to multiple accidents and fatalities. For everyone’s safety especially those of the operators, here are ten important reminders for heavy equipment safety.

Fleetquip Heavy Equipment Management | Ayantra

Managing and monitoring heavy equipment is a handful task that is why a specific solution has been developed by Ayantra. Tracking machines and gathering of utilization information is crucial to guarantee proper maintenance; hence this solution can help fleet managers to accomplish this this task as well as reach their objectives.

Top Equipment Maintenance Software Products | Capterra

Technology has brought great innovations to heavy equipment maintenance such as software applications that quick and easy work of tracking and organizing preventive and repair maintenance information for fleets. There are various softwares developed for construction and industrial companies to use to ensure the safety of their equipment in a user-friendly and convenient way.

Top Ten Construction Safety Tips | Forconstructionpros

Recent reports of casualties and injuries due heavy equipment failure or accidents have brought concerns to the community. To avoid further fatalities to happen, machine operators should be well reminded and comply with construction safety precautions. It is a must that all operators have identifiable and verifiable training on the machine or equipment.

Vehicles and Heavy Equipment Training Guide | ELCOSH

Every heavy equipment operator should undergo proper training. This is a guided discussion through hazards of vehicles and heavy equipment, a set of questions to use for discussion and a sign-off form. Keep you or your crew prepared for as their job calls for it. Yes, there are occupational hazards but it pays to prepare and follow proper guidelines.

Binder Reminders: 10 Safety Tips For The Road | Hardworkingtrucks

Spring has arrived and more people are on the road for trips or vacations that is why operators should observe road safety precautions to avoid accidents. If you are towing a trailer you’re probably using chains, and if you are hauling equipment on that trailer you are using chain binders.

Heavy Equipment Safety Training Handbook | FWS

It is extremely important that we provide a consistent and effective safety training program for heavy equipment operations and for operators to follow. To accomplish various tasks in construction or industrial purposes, experienced heavy equipment operators who have received instructor training and other necessary resources should be the one deployed in the field.

Parts and Accessories Necessary For Safe Operations| FMCSA

In securing the safety of heavy vehicles, equipment and machinery, rules should be carefully observed and implemented. Rules should be applied everywhere in the workplace, on the road or within populated area. It is part of an operator’s responsibility to exercise every relevant procedure for safety.

Electrical Safety | Pacificpower

One of the causes of fatalities or accidents among heavy equipment is electrical malfunctions. It is imperative to provide electric safety education materials and presentations to contractors as well as operators and offer guidelines to help prevent injury. Careful positioning of heavy equipment is required to ensure safety for workers and equipment operators.

Safety Tips For Operators of Heavy Earth-Moving Equipment | Fairviewinsurance

Operators of heavy earth-moving equipment must be well trained and must know the risks associated with heavy equipment operations especially on the road. You or your crew should observe common precautions in driving and operating this equipment. Maintenance, repair, parking and security should be followed as well.

Equipment Maintenance | Wajaxequipment

Getting heavy equipment in a good working order and in a safe condition means a lot for construction/industrial companies. Hence, it is required to have periodic equipment maintenance. It is important to ask for professional services that proactively maintain your equipment in your down time at the same time ensures that you optimize the up time.