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Updated by April Rose Casiple Semogan on Dec 04, 2020
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10 Astonishing Vintage Quilt Designs For Antique Quilt Enthusiasts

Quilts are woven piece of cloth that are usually used as a blanket or bed cover that provides warmth, comfort, security and visual beauty. Spring breeze beckons picnic-goers, campers and adventurers to explore the beauty of nature and this is one of the things that should you should pack. It is always better to invest on classics even for your home, therefore vintage quilt designs never run out of trend. Here are ten remarkable vintage quilt designs for antique quilt lovers’ inspiration.

Antique and Vintage Quilts | Collectors Weekly

Quilt making and patchwork has been part of national history and culture that started in the 16th century and until now, it is still widely considered as a significant work of art. Using different materials as well as design, quilts can be categorized according to style and pattern. You can modify the designs to make it more unique.

1930's Sweet Butterfly Applique | Pinterest

Are you a butterfly lover? This vintage butterfly quilt design would be perfect for your kids. A beauty of nature that has been captured by this masterpiece is an impeccable design. You can change the colors of the butterflies, the square patterns or you can even add accents around the sides.

18th & 19th Century American Antique Quilts | Rocky Mountain Quilts

This is an original design using a gorgeous indigo dyed blue for this wonderful and very early folk art quilt. The same white dots on indigo cotton are used throughout paired with white linen. Applique blocks measure 19 inches square with a 9 ¾ inch wide border. Appliques are finely cut and are of the maker's own design.

Dresden Plate Vintage Design | Pattern From History

This Dresden Plate pattern gives you various choices. The basic pattern uses two variations but you, as a quilt maker, are entitled to use just one or the other, as well as you can make alterations. For this pattern you can combine curved end or sharp end variations depending on your desired design.

Album Patch | McCall’s Quilting

Album Patch free quilt pattern includes fabrics that date from the Civil War era through the late 1800's. The colors complement with one another and showcase historical touches within the patterns. You can change it to any color you want, just remember that the colors should complement to have a more fascinating output.

Super Simple Squares | All People Quilt

Make an easy quilt using 10" squares. Create your own using your favorite quilting fabrics and you can design your own given multiple inspirations. This can serve as your basis for whatever design you would like to make especially this spring. Different colors, patterns and styles can be combined to make one fascinating work of art.

Romantic And Timeless Quilt Design | The Vintage Spool

Spark romance this spring with romantic quilt design. This darling and dainty Valentine quilt is so charming. It has the perfect combination of applique, piecing and embroidery which offers something for everyone. For all quilter makers of all skill levels, this could be an easy task whether you want it petite or larger sizes.

How to Finish an Antique Quilt | Craftsy

Coming across a great and beautiful vintage quilt masterpiece is common. With a personal magic touch and a goal in mind, you can even make a better quilt out of vintage or old covers. Follow these steps and transform old quilts into something more beautiful and ordinary using different fabrics and patterns.

Vintage Quilt Revival: Modern Designs From Classic Blocks

Combine traditional and modern quilting practices to create a design that incorporates the best of both styles. Vintage Quilt Revival helps you utilize traditional quilt blocks with contemporary colors and fabrics to create pieces that could rightly be a part of the “traditional made modern” movement with a touch of variations from both periods.

Modern Quilt Inspiration | Bedworks

When modern meets classic, there’s no such thing as an ordinary quilt. Anything can be incredibly done as long as you have that creative imagination within you. Here are modern contemporaries of quilt that you could utilize and combine with vintage patterns and styles.