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Health Aid

HealthAid vitamin A B C D E, multivitamins, minerals and herbal supplements, tablets, capsules, effervescent, liquid, cream and drops for health aid nutritional support.

Irritable Bowl Syndrome

find information to help cope with irritable bowel syndrome.

vitamins for children

HealthAid® is a leading supplier of branded vitamins for children, best minerals and probiotics supplements in the UK over 25 years.

Health Supplements

Presently, we lead a very fast and speedy lifestyle and in this regard our health and diet system suffers the most, since most of us don't even have the time to stick to a proper diet and exercising schedule amid our busy professional and personal schedules.

Supplements Online

A strong internal system and steady health condition makes a huge difference, especially when you have to be on your toes to win the incessant race of competition. However, very few of us actually focus on our health as we tend to neglect our meals, indulge in junk food consumption and not to miss out...

Healthcare Products

Maintaining a proper healthcare condition in this age of speed and technology is a must for people who have to keep on struggling to reach at the top of the competition. However, it's equally important to use good quality products from trusted manufacturers. There are a number of companies in UK focusing on manufacturing highly...


Children's MultiVitamin + Minerals - Chewable Tablets(Tutti-fruity Flavour) by HealthAid Nowadays, more than ever before children are often subjected to fast foods, which may not be nutritionally bala

Best Vitamins For Children

A friend of mine recommended a product called HealthAid Menovital. ,The product has a combination of herbal ingredients together with vitamins and minerals which are helpful for balancing hormonal levels.


How To Lose Weight

How To Lose Weight

The scientists of HealthAid specified that they don't need to worry about how to lose weight anymore as they can rely on the refined quality health supplements from the company and forget their health related worries.
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Vitamin, Mineral & Herbal Supplements

HealthAid Limited - Vitamin, Mineral & Herbal Supplements, Harrow, United Kingdom. 51,052 likes · 50 talking about this · 39 were here. HealthAid Limited...


HealthAid is one of UK's premier manufacturers of nutritionally balanced supplements. We are are a market leader with over 25 years of experience in nutritional health and a product portfolio consisting of over 500 products. The range comprises of vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, essential aromatherapy oils, as well as natural body, beauty and skin care products.

Health Aid

HealthAid is one of UK's premier manufacturers of nutritional supplements. This comprises of vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, essential aromatherapy oils and natural body care products.

Vitamin D Drops For Children UK

HealthAid Vitamin D3 400iu Drops for children UK provides a highly absorbable liquid form of Vitamin D3 with a great tasting strawberry flavor.

Best Vitamins For Children

HealthAid® is a leading supplier of branded vitamins for children, best minerals and probiotics supplements in the UK over 25 years. | Healthaid

Lose Weight

Green smoothie for weight loss requires fresh green vegetables as the name suggests. These green vegetables are high in antioxidants and flush out toxins from body and these are simple answer to the query how to lose weight? An ideal green smoothie has a concentration of green vegetables, fruits, any juice or milk.


Continuously pick Best Vitamins for Children for their appropriate development. The kind of vitamins you pick should be chosen in a shrewd way. Vitamins will make your children solid and astute.

Best Vitamins For Children

For the development of physical and mental health of your children you always try to get the best quality food for them. Apart from this the best vitamins for children would give the maximum benefits ...

Best Supplements Would Help You To Lose Weight

Best supplements would help you to lose weight: Among different types of health problems heavy weight is a very commonly faced problem in today's busy life. From the morning to the bed time you just run for the well-being and good health of your family. But unfortunately to gain wealth you lose your health. Some…

Omega 3 Benefits

The benefits of the fatty acids found in omega 3-6-9 are now well understood.

Best Vitamins For Children

When it comes to your child’s health you always try to get them the best possible things in the world. Similarly you also give the best healthy diet to your kid for their physical and mental development. But most of the time your best diet has become the worst menu to your children. It is a very common tendency of the young kids to have junk food in their daily diet. Being a kid one doesn’t have any idea about the after effects of this fast food. But being a responsible parent you have to give them the healthy food supplements by hook or by crook. The Best Vitamins for Children are the most effective option to try with.

Vitamin Supplement

Being a parent are you really worried about your hyper active kid's health? Despite of knowing the importance of good health and healthy food they just enjoy their favorite unhealthy fast food. They always refuse to eat any kind of food which they don't like. And being kids they are not supposed to know the…


You always think that to maintain a healthy physic good quality food consumption is the only solution. It is partially true but along with healthy food you need something extra to satisfy the fundamental needs of your body. And every physic and its structure, requirements are different from other. So it quite obvious that what is beneficial for you must not give the same affects to others body. Likewise every food has its own nutritional value for the human body. A single fruit or vegetable can’t provide all kinds of necessary nutrition to your body

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular | Vitamins | Leading Supplier for Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements in UK | HealthAid


Children are always very choosey when it comes to eating healthy food. They always want food of their choice which is mostly the unhealthy one. And even if you prepare food by adding some extra cheese or sauce to satisfy their taste buds then it would basically lack its original nutritional value to provide the proper benefits to your children’s health. Now to compensate the nutritional deficiencies in their body the Multivitamins supplements are the most effective solution to keep your kid healthy and active. It would give a complete balance to their body by building up a strong immune system.

Health Issues

While taking about vitamin supplements the first thing that has come to your mind is multivitamin with its immeasurable benefits to your health. This is the one vitamin that has an equal beneficial impact on children's or adult's physical health. People have a common tendency to take multiple vitamin supplements in its different forms to…