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Effective Email Marketing

Helpful tips, tools and resources to help you make the most of your email marketing list. Please vote for your favorites, and feel free to add your own finds!

Writing Confirmation And Welcome Emails People Love

With a fresh cup of coffee by your side and your fully-charged computer in front of you, you place your fingertips on the keyboard. It's time to write your first email. After a 15-minute cycle of typing, deleting and staring at a blank email template, however, you find that you can't seem to gather the right words.

5 Simple Ways to Get More Paying Customers Out of Your Email Marketing

An engaged email list is an invaluable marketing asset - but are your leads taking the leap and becoming customers? Image by Porsupah Ree via Flickr. You've optimized your blog and lead gen landing pages for conversions and your email list is filled with subscribers - prospects who have self-identified as being interested in your company and what you have to offer.

The Most (and Least) Effective Keywords in Email Subject Lines

Emails with the word "alert" in their subject lines have a 38.1% higher than average open rate and 61.8% higher click rate, according to a recent study by British marketing firm Adestra. The keywords "free delivery" (+50.7% higher open rate, +135.4% click rate) and "bulletin" (+15.8%, +12.7%) also performed very well in the email campaigns analyzed.

Blogging and Email Marketing - The Secret Sauce For Growing Your Blog

Email marketing and blogging go together like two peas in a pod. While there are few truisms in content marketing, I believe that a high performing blog always has a strong email outreach strategy. Whenever I ask successful bloggers about their blog marketing strategy, they always say they wish they had started their email list building earlier.

Dissecting the Anatomy of a Five-Star Email [+ 5 Free Templates!]

If you're like most marketers, email marketing is one of the most powerful channels at your disposal. Email reaches out to an already engaged audience -- people who have already said yes to your marketing by opting in to your list ( right?). It's also an incredibly cost-effective channel.

5 Email Subject Line Strategies That Will Increase Your Open Rates

The First Step Is Getting Someone To Open Your Email ( Image source) Email subject lines are the gatekeepers of your email campaigns. When you've put hours of effort into getting your segmentation just right and even more hours into nailing your awesome email copy, there is no doubt you want to make sure your emails actually get read!

100 Inspiring Email Subject Lines

Published on The most effective subject lines are straightforward and predispose openers to engage with the content of an email. However, creativity has its place. Creativity in less than half the length of a ... The most effective subject lines are straightforward and predispose openers to engage with the content of an email.

Seven Myths of Email Marketing [Infographic]

Many beliefs that email marketers hold true regarding email are simply false, according to research and analysis conducted by my email marketing agency, Alchemy Worx. We analyzed data sourced from our work with customers and industry figures to arrive at our conclusions.

Email Best Practices and Laws for Bloggers

I love seeing bloggers get more involved in email marketing and newsletters. I have been doing email marketing since 2002, and still see it as a powerful and effective tool for engaging with your subscribers and readers. But I am also seeing a surge in bad practices, so I decided to share some email best practices and laws for bloggers.

Email Marketing: Include Full Articles or Only Links?

It started as an innocent question on Facebook: do you prefer to get email newsletters with the full article in the email, or do you prefer to get a short description and link to read the article on the author's website?

Infographic: Email marketing etiquette

Would Emily Post approve of your email marketing strategy? See if your tactics appear on the do or don't list to find out.

Email Open Rates: Truth, Lies, and What to Do About Them

In my ongoing series of email marketing conundrums, I couldn't possibly overlook this one: declining email marketing open rates, about which much has been written. My goal isn't only to provide you with a diagnostic checklist for investigating why open rates are falling (though I do provide a checklist), or to hand you a "best-practices" list of what to do to reverse the decline.

Stats in Your Newsletter Plugin. What's a Good Open Rate?

Tracking the success of your newsletters in WordPress is fun. When you compare your different newsletters you get an idea of how successful your efforts are in reaching your audience. Statistics are even more compelling with newsletters because they tell you the story of what your die hard fans want.

How to Create Email Subject Lines People Will Open

How often do you check your phone for emails or messages? Six times a day? Ten times? Maybe you're one of the thousands of people who check their phone more than 20 times daily. According to a recent study taken by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the average mobile user checks his/her phone 150 times a day.

What You Need to Know About Canada's Anti-Spam Law

There's a new piece of legislation in Canada - known as CASL - that has some content marketers rattled. It goes into effect on Tuesday, July 1, and it's a wide-reaching attempt to regulate electronic communication (email, but also texts and social media conversations) that's commercial in nature.

Tips for Creating Your Professional Organizer Newsletter

Being the organized professional that you are, I'm sure you've started a list or database of potential clients who have inquired about your services, other entrepreneurs you've met at networking events, names you've collected at trade shows and speaking engagements, and other contacts.

How to get subscribers for your blog

Once you've attracted traffic to your blog and encouraged those new visitors to stick around, you need to convert them into subscribers, so they'll continue reading your blog on a regular basis. Today I'm going to explain how to get subscribers for your blog.


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Email Marketing and the Late Show

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