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Beat The Stress With These Healthy Foods

What food can you call comfort food? Seemingly, all foods are comfort foods but not all of them can actually make you feel better inside and out. Some foods that you think can comfort you can actually add numbers to your waistline. It is best to know what to eat for comfort that can help improve your health as well.


A hot and hearty bowl of oats every morning can actually relieve you from stress. It is because a bowl of oats actually contains water soluble properties of beta-glucan that aids in controlling blood sugar by slowing down digestion. With this, it prevents inconsistent spike in blood sugars level. As a result, it bumps up the feel-good hormone called serotonin which is responsible in maintaining mood balance. Moreover, adding cinnamon and natural honey like Manuka honey can also ease frustration and boost immunity.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate can also relieve stress. In a recent study, it was found out that consuming chocolate can actually result to lower level of stress hormone called cortisol and catecholamines, the fight-or-flight hormones which means the body’s response to the brain signal of stress has blunted. Since the response of the body to stress is lower, the chances that you will feel stress are also lower.

Wallnut Smoothies

Walnuts taste great, sure, but did you know they're also a great source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, which have been shown to give you a mood boost and are associated with reduced rates of depression? They also add pack a fair amount of protein (4.6 grams per quarter-cup).

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is known to reduce stress. It can satisfy the desire of the body to take carbs and sweets when feeling stressed out. It is also reach in beta-carotene, vitamins and fiber that helps in processing carb intake in a steady manner. Moreover, the body uses potassium and other minerals when it can feel the stress, sweet potatoes maintain the balance through providing important minerals need by the body whenever it can feel stress.


Avocados contain folic acid, pantothenic acid and vitamin K which help maintain psychologically and neurological health. Folic acid or folate and pantothenic acid are B vitamins that help in reducing stress level. These vitamins can reduce the chances that a person can feel of anxiety and depression. Moreover, pantothenic acid and Vitamin K serves as protection of the brain against oxidative damage.


Berries are known to protect blood vessels in the brain from inflammation which helps you keep sharp. Berries are sort of little soldiers that protect the body from free radicals as it contains nutrients known as flavonoids or anthocyanins.

Chamomile Tea

One of the most common benefits that chamomile can bring to the body is stress relief. Chamomile is a famous anti-depressant that helps calm the nerves and reduce anxiety. Chamomile has a calming factor that can alleviate stress.




Garlic can help you in elevating you mood which can fight depression and anxiety. Garlic is anti-stressor. It is known to help the body detoxify and at the same time boost mood. Ultimately, garlic targets stress that is cause by toxins which you can get from unhealthy lifestyle.

These foods can make you feel better but remember the limitations. Be sure to eat according to the recommended serving to avoid consuming excess calories.