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CEMACH Manufacturer and Exporters

CEMACH Manufacturer and Exporters of pharmaceutical machines and equipments for small scale production and pilot production.

Manufacturer and Exporter of Liquid Dosing Filling in India

Some of the advantages of this machine are, accurate dosing, drip free filling, easy adjustment, fast disassembly of the pump and valves for cleaning and sterilizing and really space saving design as a table machine.

The Dosing Filler fills and dispenses all liquids with two pumps and valves made of stainless steel each of them ranging from 25 –150 ml. Filling needles are made of stainless steel and can be supplied for container to be filled. The Dosing Filler is designed to be connected on all main drive units.

CEMACH Manufacturer and Exporters of Pharmaceutical Machines

CEMACH Manufacturer and Exporters of pharmaceutical machines and equipments for small scale production and pilot production. High quality material, high quality manufacturing & testing and gaining customer's faith, today CEMACH has tremendously embossed its image as a market trend setter. Manufacturer and exporter of Pharmaceutical Machinery Cemach Machinery Limited in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India.


VEGA PRESS IV HIGH SPEED ROTARY is one of the most advance machines of its class in the market today. Vega press IV is a Double Sided, High Speed Tablet Press. Improvement in the areas of sound reduction, operator safety, cleanliness and clean ability and operation convenience are some of its key advantages.

Roll Compactor Machine for Dry Granulation - Cemach Limited

Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Roll Compactor Dry Granulation Machine and Mini Roll Compactor cGMP Model offered by Cemach, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India. our product range includes Roll Compactor such as Roll Compactor cGMP, Roll Compactor Machine, Mini Roll Compactor cGMP Model, Roll Compactor Dry Granulation Machine, Industrial Roll Compactor and many more items.

Roll compactor is designed for densification of compaction of powder for pharmaceutical and bulk drug industries, in general, for food and chemical industries. Introduction What is Granulation? Granulation is a process in which particles in powder from being manually or automatically made to adhere to each other, which results in large from giving multi-particle entities, which are so called as Granules.

Tablet Deburring & Dedusting Machine – Manufacturer & Exporter By Cemach India

Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Tablet Deburring & Dedusting Machine offered by Cemach limited, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India. It is a square model/double sided rotary tablet Press/ promising unmatched quality for medium batch Production. Safety/enhanced performance/clean ability and ease of operation is its most significant features.

Manufacturer and Exporter of Multi Purpose R and D Equipments Machinery India

CEMACH MACHINERIES LTD is present our customer a huge array of Multi Purpose R & D Equipments, which are manufactured from high grade quality raw materials. These Multi Purpose R & D Equipments are widely known for its durability and quality which are available at industrial leading price on CEMACH MACHINERIES LTD.

Roll compaction - process basis of dry granulation

Dry granulation can be done using two different methods, slugging and roll compaction. The process of obtaining the compacts is done by slugging and roller compaction.

Mini Roll Compactor cGMP (R & D Model) - Cemach Machineries Pvt Ltd

Mini Roll Compactor is entirely based on method of Dry Granulation. The Compacting Roll is designed to provide a uniform force distribution to create uniform bulk density & to give fine granules of uniform quality after further process, thus granules of equal quality are produced.

VegaPress II - HIgh Speed Rotary Tablet Press cGMP

VegaPress II is high speed tablet press with outstanding engineering, performance and reliability as well as front and easy outside controls. All the tablet parameters can be fine tuned during the operation of the machine from outside the tableting zone.

VegaPress I - Double Speed Rotary Tablet Press cGMP

VegaPress I - Double Speed Rotary Tablet Press cGMP is robust with high quality Engineering medium batch production safe/ simple to operate and easy to maintain designed as per cGMP standards. Special Features of it is AC variable frequency drive for main motor and auto lubrication system.

Heavy Duty Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press cGMP

Cemach Machineries Ltd is noteworthy manufacturer, exporter, trader and supplier of an extensive gamut of Heavy Duty Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India. Our offered machine is made available in different technical specifications to meet vast necessities of pharmaceutical industries in effective manner.

Double Sided Rotary Tableting Machine

Double Sided Rotary Tableting Machine is a square model/double sided rotary tablet Press/ promising unmatched quality for medium batch Production. Safety/enhanced performance/clean ability And ease of operation is its most significant features.

R & D Tablet Press cGMP with Instrumentation

CEMACH R&D Tablet Press is a compact table-top machine designed as per cGMP standards, widely used for formulation & development (F & D) / small production batches. It is having many inbuilt feature like Pre-compression facility, Upper punch penetration facility and outside controls facility.

How the process of granulation performed in the pharmaceutical industry?

In pharmaceutical industry medicines are prepared by mixing right composition of salt together. Roll Compactor is the machine which is specially prepared for this purpose. These compactors produce fine particles of raw material in very high speed.

Manufacturer and Exporter of Tablet Tooling (Punches & Dies) Machineries in India

Cemach Machineries Limited provide tooling for tableting machines like Cadmach, Manesty, Killian, Korsch , Sejong, Ronchi etc. We design & produce any size and shape of tablet tooling for any of above machine. Our Customers have come to depend upon our superior quality punches and dies for excellent performance and long life.

The Process and Applications of a Roll Compactor

Roll Compacters are also called dry granulators. In many industries which work with powder formed or granulated products they face various problems like, powder does not flow and cannot be dosed, or a problem with dust, the solubility is not appropriate, segregation occurs or the density is too low etc.

All about Tablet Press Machine and Its Application in Industries

We have come across various types of tablets like, small, big, round, square, oblong, etc. Tablet compression machine or a tablet press machine is the mechanical miracle machine which gives tablet precise and perfect shape and size. A tablet press is a mechanical device that compresses powder into tablets of uniform size and weight.

Cemach Ltd Suppliers and Manufacturers of Tablet Press Machine

We manufacture a variety of Tablet Press Machine for small volumes to large volumes. According to industry requirement we have VEGA PRESS I, VEGA PRESS II, VEGA PRESS IV, SINGLE SIDED, DOUBLE SIDED and R&D TABLET PRESS machinery.

Cemach Machineries Ltd One Stop Place for Pharmaceutical Machinery in India

Welcome to Cemach Machineries Ltd. A right place and one stop solution for affordable, high quality Pharmaceutical Machinery and Equipment in India. CEMACH is a Manufacturer and Exporters of Tablet Press Machine, Roll Compactor Machine, Tablet Deduster Machine, Dust Extractor Machine, Colloid Mill Machine, R & D equipment, Tablet Dies and Punches for Tablet Compression Machine etc.

Wide range of Tablet Press Machine From Cemach Machineries Ltd

Cemach offered machines are widely commended for their robust construction, Low maintenance, easy installation, compact size, smooth functioning, easy operation, high production rate, anti-corrosive nature and durability.

Essential pharmaceutical machinery for pharma industry

Pharmaceutical machine industry is very popular among pharma industry due to its high-quality machines and equipment. Machine industry provides R & D equipment and instruments, tablets to many companies. It provides various machine equipment to the small and medium sector, and so many more. Machine industries manufacture and export equipment for the benefit of people.

Laboratory Equipment Horizontal Drive

The Horizontal Drive which is completely maintenance free, has 1hp (0. 5kw), three phase ac motor. The motor rpm can be controlled with ac variable drive to adjust the speed steplessly from 0 to 410 rpm. The process time is auto controlled through timer relays.

Get best pharmaceutical machine to get high quality granules

There are many pharmaceutical companies available today and they require good equipment that can help to produce high-quality products. The most common equipment that can help to get powder granules is Roller compactor. It is very difficult to deal with dry powder but with the help of compactor it is very easy to give pressure and thus get granules of different size.

Effective machine to form tablets

In medical terms tablet is a very common thing that can help to diagnose different disease. But the question is how these tablets are actually formed as it is always equal in shape and size. The medicine is available in powder form which is then compressed by the tablet press machine to form tablets.