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Lisa's Dance and Exercise

Lisa's Dancean Dexercise Specializing in Teaching Hip Hop Classes, Kids Yoga, Baby Classes, Preschool Classes,Fun Children's Classes, Affordable Dance Classes........

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Acro - Lisa's Dance and Exercise " Lisa's Dance and Exercise

Think acrobat and Disney shows like The Lion King. A mix of dance and acrobatics that focuses on tumbling and flexibility. The class uses a tumbling mat and other fun, safe equipment. Classes for ages 2-4 take place Wednesdays at 5pm, and classes for ages 5-8 take place Wednesdays at 6pm.

Obstacle Course in Creative Movement and Ballet - Lisa's Dance and Exercise " Lisa's Dance and Exercise

Ballet and Tap classes focus on introducing kids to basic ballet and tap movements while giving them a passion for dancing. Freeze dance and other fun dances are sometimes included as well to keep it light and entertaining for the kids.

Open Play, Obstacle Course - Lisa's Dance & Exercise

Come join us for a fun filled morning of free play! Cost is $5 per child for unlimited play for the day Wednesdays and Fridays 9:30am – 1:30pm.

Children's Hip Hop - Lisa's Dance & Exercise

The class includes a warm-up which concentrates on building stamina and improving strength and flexibility. For more infomation contact 561-396-6252.


Affordable Dance Classes For Toddlers

Affordable Dance Classes For Toddlers

Lisa's Dance and Exercise Company.Dance lessons in ballet, Hip Hop, more!In each class the styles and combinations tend to change to keep the kids glued to the classes.

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Mommy And Me Classes

Mommy And Me Classes

Miss Lisa more ascertained that learning once merging with amusement becomes easier to understand and children bear in mind things that they get pleasure from doing and delivery this psyche to play, all her categories incorporate one thing new for the learners on every occasion.

Kids Dance Wellington

Refresh Your Child's Life with Exclusive Dance Classes Designed to Improve their Learning Abilities Children are like soft puddles of wet sand waiting to be given a proper shape and structure in the way they grow up and giving them a proper upbringing is a big responsibility for all parents.

Give Your Toddler a Great Start to Preschool Learning through Customized Dance Classes

This is the age of competition and the race for excellence and popularity begins almost from birth, but it is also important to give the kids a proper start in the direction of education. This is where the modern & educational dance classes come into the scenario and give your child the right platform of...

Gift Your Kiddo with a Great Childhood with Kid's Dancing Classes

Dancing is more like an exercise for the mind and the body and things get better if your kid starts out at a younger age. The different dance forms help to stimulate your child's intelligence and groom them into sharper individuals with a stronger personality.

Miss Lisa's Dance and Exercise Classes Institution Organized a Friendly and Entertaining

Her ballet dance Wellington classes are crafted especially to train kids to be flexible physically, enthusiastic mentally and grow up to be confident individuals, thanks to the unique public performances that are coordinated for the kids, where the kids perform in front of their family members and friends.

Art Classes, Painting, Sculpting, Drawing, Collage

Your child will have a blast engaging their creative side while they express themselves through painting, sculpting, drawing, design various crafts.

Dance Classes for Toddlers and How they Benefit Your Little One

Children are little bundles of joy and immense energy. Giving them a sufficient outlet for emotions and energy is an important task for parents who want the kids to grow up as independent minded and successful individuals in future. Modern dance and exercise classes for kids and toddlers have come up as successful and popular...

How Dance Classes for Kids Benefit in Overall Personality Development and Growth

Modern studies always have had an important role to play in the sense that it helps to improve our knowledge and sense of understanding about certain factors. One such factor is the benefit of dance classes for kids. Indulging your little ones in dance classes since childhood, not only benefits their physical health.


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Lisa's Dance | Public Profile

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Kids Dance Wellington

Kids Dance Wellington

These dance classes are very creatively designed as the teachers intend to incorporate certain elements of learning and education while making these sessions really enjoyable. Primary focus is given on motor coordination and development of learning abilities in children.

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Gymnastics wellington

Specializing in teaching Ballet, Tap, Creative Movement and Hip Hop classes in West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Greenacres, Lake Worth and Wellington, Gymnastics wellington.


Hop hip Lake Worth or hip hop Boynton Beach

Hop hip Lake Worth or hip hop Boynton Beach

Being protective parents you always try to take your kids away from any kinds of unhealthy foods or activities. But today's busy life wouldn't allow you to spend quality time with your kids. Your busy schedule leads your kids to get involved in such kind of unproductive activities like watching television or playing with video games etc. And finally these things have affected the kids physical and mentally. Now to save your kids from this kind of negative exposure the dancing activity with physical exercise under the one roof could be more beneficial for them. Among different dance form the hop hip Lake Worth or hip hop Boynton Beach would be most happening option for your growing kids to enjoy.

From playing to dancing choose the right physical activity for the kid

Have you ever thought that why being a parent you always give focus to your kids’ academic activities? Why don’t you give the same importance to other favorite activities of your kids? And by doing this you basically lead your kid to lose interest in any kind of academic activities. Before doing any work it is very much important that your kids must love that work. Practicing their favorite activities would definitely increase their motivation as well as concentration towards other field of activities. And for kids playing is the most fascinating and enjoyable part of their life. Here this dancing academy would involve kids in different kinds of productive activities by engaging them in their favorite zone of playing. Sponsored

Creative Movement And Ballet

If you think that any kind of dancing training in a very early age of your child would be little tiring and exhaustive for them then you have mistaken completely. Instead of that any type of dancing activity would double your kid's energy and stamina. But this type of training should be done in any…

Ballet Wellington

Specializing in Teaching Ballet, Tap and Creative Movement, Ballet Class, dult Exercise West Palm Beach and Lake Worth Wellington.

Mommy and Me Class Wellington

We now offer birthday parties Each of our classes can be structured to fit your child’s dream party.For more information please contact us here email us Lisa...


3957 Jog Rd, Greenacres, FL 33467, USA

3957 Jog Rd, Greenacres, FL 33467, USA

Lisa's Dance and Exercise Company

"The teachers are all wonderful and truly love their students!"

Lisa’s Dance and Exercise

The innovative baby ballet West Palm Beach teachers also create the right ambiance to enhance social skills in kids by lisasdance exercise

Toddlers Dance West Palm Beach Classes – lisasdanceandexercise – Medium

Prepare your child for their future challenges by providing the best preschool training in this platform: If you think that providing healthy lifestyle and happy environment around your child is…