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Fun things to do in Ella - Fun Activities in Breathtaking Hilltop Holiday Hub Ella

As the country's "highest village" Ella is a hill station full of natural attributes and picturesque landscapes. Lined with trekking trails and waterfalls the top activities in Ella are as follows.


Explore Ella's Waterfalls

Home to some of the island nation's most breathtaking waterfalls Ella is the perfect destination to get back to nature with a tour of its exquisite cascades. The Bambarakanda Waterfall is perhaps the best known waterfall in Ella as it is the highest or tallest cascade in the entire country. Plummeting down in sheets of white froth from a whopping 865 feet the best time to visit this iconic waterfall is during the months between September and October. With a height of 210 feet Dunhinda Falls is another well-known waterfall in Ella while other must-see cascades in the area include the Ravana Ella Falls and the Ella Gap Waterfall.


Enjoy a Cuppa after a Tour of a Tea Factory

Visitors vacationing in the hill station of Ella are in the heart of Sri Lanka's tea production hubs. Littered with tea estates and factories a holiday in Ella affords tourists the rare chance to witness the processes involved in creating a perfect cup of Ceylon tea. Most factories in the area will offer guided tours that encompass the various stages of tea manufacturing from plucking tea leaves to packaging. The Kinellan Tea Factory, Halpewatte Tea Factory and the Newburgh Estate are just some of the more prominent tea factories in Ella offering guided tours and visitors based in 98 Acres Resort & Spa or other reputable hotels in the area can book a tour through the hotel.


Discover Ravana's Cave of Ramayana Fame

Often regarded as one of the most interesting things to do in Ella, a visit to the Ravana Cave takes visitors a step closer to uncovering key locations connected with the Hindu epic Ramayana. Ideal for hiking and mountain climbing enthusiasts as well as nature lovers visitors must prepare for a long hike to reach the summit of the cave. As a natural cave formation the venue is belied to have been the temporary dwelling of Ravana who kidnapped princess Sita from King Rama.


Enjoy a Spa Day at Ayurvedic Health Centres

Home to its fare share of Ayurvedic treatment facilities and spas Ella is one of the best hillside vacation spots to experience the benefits of the local holistic healing school. Offering patrons a plethora of therapy packages from beauty treatments to curing various ailments afflicting both body and mind these reputable institutions employ the use of herbs and Ayurvedic principles in their daily therapy sessions. Popular health centres in Ella include the Suwadivi Ayurveda Health Care, Suwamadura and the Suwa Pradeepa Spa while the Hela Osu Suwapiyasa is also known for its massage therapies and other curative treatments using herbal oils and concoctions.


Hike up Ella Rock

Perfect for hiking enthusiasts as well as avid trekkers and those with a flair for nature walks the hike up to Ella Rock affords some of the most breathtaking encounters for nature lovers exploring Ella. Abound in natural beauty and surrounded by lush, verdant landscapes the popular day trip hike is a must-have experience for all.