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Updated by Mahendra Mohan on May 26, 2015
Headline for Consumer Complaints
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Consumer Complaints

Online Shopping Troubles? Filing A Complaint Set To Get Easier As Ministry Proposes Changes. - Consumer Tadka

When we put up an article on the perils of online shopping in India (Read the article here 3 Things That Can Go Wrong With Online Shopping And How To Avoid Them!), several fingers were raised.

On 'Membership' Frauds - If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is - Consumer Tadka

"Club Membership" frauds galore in India. Be careful - there is no such thing as a free lunch. But if you fell for one, do consider filing a consumer complaint! In the recent past, there has been an explosion of membership schemes which offer benefits such as fancy holiday packages, free gifts and even allotment of land.

Where to Register Complaints Online for Email Frauds in India - Consumer Tadka

"We are happy to inform you that your email address has won the ballot draw of a cash-out lottery worth $1 million!" You may have received such emails many times into your inbox. The winning amount could be in various currencies such as US dollars, UK pounds or Australian dollars.

An Insight into the Goods and Service Tax - Consumer Tadka

If you follow news updates regularly, you will be aware of the recent changes that have created quite a stir in the Indian economy. The government keeps introducing new laws and Acts to make the economy seamless, and without any roadblocks. However, these changes also lead to greater debates about the impact on average citizens.

The Advertisements Influence Consumers' Buying Behavior

Often we come across some unique advertisements that leave a long lasting impact on our minds. One good example could be NIKE. There was a time when this famous brand exclusively catered to the requirements of marathon runners. However, with the emergence of a large number of fitness-conscious people, they needed something unique to surge ahead of their competitor Reebok.

Issues while filing an RTI vis-a-vis application of CPA on RTI Act - Consumer Tadka

Right to information and consumer protection act from Sonia Verma

Mac Troubles! A Consumer True Experience About Defective Macbook Horrors! - Consumer Tadka

Apple symbolizes an extremely coveted aspiration in today's world. But when a consumer who acquires his dream Mac gadget and it comes with its own harassment plan of defects and issues. This is what exactly happened with Col. Ramdas Buche when he purchased his new Macbook Pro.

Beware of buying products with international Warranty - It may not be valid in India - Consumer Tadka

You have just bought a stunning iPhone and feeling to be in the cloud nine. This joy may not last long if you find the phone has an issue and the nearest Apple service centre says that they can't replace the phone. The reason being, the phone has International Warranty, which is not valid in India.

Best Cloud Service Providers in India in 2015- India is on 'Cloud Nine'! Yes, that's what it seems to be. As one of the largest growing IT markets in the world, the nation is estimated to have a public cloud service market of $800 million in 2015! That's a whopping figure!