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The Best Mortgage and Financial Advice Articles

Here are some of the best mortgage and financial advice articles from numerous real estate, mortgage and financial experts. Use these tips and advice to make smart financial decisions.

How to Get The Best Mortgage

Getting the best rate on your mortgage is a major concern for any home buyer. When you consider that only a few percentage points can cost you thousands over the life of a loan it only makes sense to seek the best mortgage you can get.

Preparation Tips For Getting a Mortgage

How to prepare to get a mortgage is something every buyer should be thinking about well in advance of making a home purchase! One of the things that first time home buyers will often ask me is what they should do first in the home buying process.

Ways to Get Your Mortgage Approval Taken Away

See the ways to get your mortgage preapproval revoked. Avoid making one of these mistakes. Mortgage mistakes like these are more common than you think.

Why Jumbo Loans Are a Good Move for High Worth Individuals

The resurgence of real estate markets over the past year has brought about an unusual situation. While interest rates on conventional loans are still unbelievably low, new lending guidelines are making it a bit more difficult to approve a loan.

How Not to Overpay For a Mortgage

When you go to buy a home, if you are like most people you are going to need to get a loan. Because you are borrowing money, you will naturally have to pay a certain amount of interest to the lender. In the article you will learn how to avoid overpaying for a mortgage.

Jumbo Mortgage Loan Myths

Thanks to the improving luxury housing market, jumbo loans have made a rebound. Inside you will find the top 5 jumbo mortgage myths.

The Pros and Cons of a Reverse Mortgage For Seniors

What are the pros and cons of a reverse mortgage? See both the advantages and disadvantages of this loan product for seniors.

Sell My Home With a Reverse Mortgage

See how to sell a home with a reverse mortgage. Step by step guide to getting your home sold when you have a reverse mortgage to deal with.

Divorce and Buying a Home

See what you need to know about buying a home after a divorce. What are the financial considerations? Should you buy a home or condo?

Avoid Paying Private Mortgage Insurance

See how to avoid paying private mortgage insurance. There are ways not to pay PMI including putting 20% down, a piggyback loan, getting LPMI and others!

How to Save Money on My Home Insurance Policy

When you purchase a home for the first time and have a mortgage one of the things, you will be required to do is have a homeowners insurance policy. Lenders need to know their investment will be covered in the event of some kind of tragedy.Given the fact I have been a real estate agent for the past thirty years, one of the questions I am often asked is how to save on home insurance. It is not really all that surprising a question, as most people like to save money wherever they can. Keep reading, and you will learn some of the best ways to save money on your homeowner's insurance!

What's The Difference Between Mortgage Pre-approval and Pre-qualification

There has been some confusion among those looking to buy a home and qualify for a mortgage loan regarding the difference between a mortgage pre-approval vs a pre-qualification letter. Indeed, they sound pretty similar, so hearing these terms before or during the hectic time while considering buying a can only add to add to the confusion for novice buyers.

Guidelines for Homebuyers Using Gift Money When Purchasing a Home

Purchasing a home is both an exciting and somewhat overwhelming experience, especially for first-time buyers. It is not surprising that for most of us, buying a home is likely the largest purchase of our lives. Most buyers save for years before purchasing homes, applying sizable down payments to reduce their monthly mortgage costs.

Mortgage Mistakes To Avoid

A mortgage is one of the largest financial responsibilities you'll acquire throughout your life. Despite this, there are still some major mortgage mistakes many people make every day. If you're interested in purchasing a home, you should do your best to avoid these potential pitfalls.

How Much Can I Spend On Buying a Home?

One of the first questions that a home buyer asks is, "How much house can I afford to buy?" It's best if this important question is answered from the very beginning of the home buying process. That's why we refer a home buyer to one of our preferred lenders before we even take them out to look at homes.

Is Renting to Own a Good Idea for Buying a Home?

I recently published an article by Nicholas Brown who works for and it got me thinking, why do buyers enter into rent to own arrangements, and are they a good idea? Before we delve into the question it would probably help to ensure you know what I'm talking about so I'll briefly explain what Renting to Own actually is...

Money Saving First Time Home Buyer Tips

This post was written by Jake Durtschi, the owner of Jacob Grant Property Management located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Jake and his team manage over 400 rental properties in east Idaho. He is a successful real estate investor and has been featured on several reputable industry podcasts. Check out his blog.

Ways to Get The Best Mortgage Rates

When you set out to buy a home unless you are paying cash a mortgage should be one of your biggest considerations. The terms and conditions on your loan will go a long way to determining how you will be impacted financially for as long as you keep the mortgage.

Will a Late Mortgage Payment Affect Your Credit Score That Much?

If you are like many home owners, there may come a time when you are tempted to miss a payment on your mortgage. You may feel like you have no choice, or you may be in a situation where you feel like you need to pay other bills before the mortgage.

How Will a Late Mortgage Payment Affect Your Credit Score

If you are like many home owners, there may come a time when you are tempted to miss a payment on your mortgage. You may feel like you have no choice, or...

What Are Escrow Holdbacks For?

There are few situations more exciting than the approach of closing on your new home. You and your family are eagerly awaiting the moment when you can sign the paperwork and take possession of your new residence, a place where you can finally rest easy and enjoy all the benefits of ownership.

Get a Pre-Approval Not Prequalification

My brother-in-law has been thinking of buying a home. We were talking recently and he explained, "My lease is up in March, but I'm not really sure what to do first. What's my first step exactly?" He's not alone. Many prospective home buyers aren't quite sure what they should be doing to get the ball rolling.

Why Getting A Pre-Approved Makes For a Powerful Buyer

A pre-qualification is a lenders general statement that he will provide financing if certain conditions are met. You will discuss your financial situation with the lender, who then might or might not pull your credit report. Usually you can get pre-qualified via phone and the loan officer will rely on the information you provide.

Where To Get a Mortgage When You Get Rejected

There are very few people out there with the kind of money it takes to buy a home outright. For most of us a mortgage is a necessity if we ever want to own a home.

10 FHA Mortgage Guidelines Worth Understanding

Unlike a conventional loan, an FHA mortgage is backed by the federal government. Simply stated, lenders have some protection offered by the government in the event the homeowners stop making payments. With this protection, FHA approved lenders are able to offer mortgages with enticing rates for people that might not qualify for a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac home loan.