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Updated by Key Acanto on Apr 13, 2015
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Back To Basic: Important Components Of A Successful Website

How will you be able to build a website that will be the business’ solid foundation to keep up with the competition in the web and eventually be on top?
There are certain components that every business should have in order to compete. Take a look at some of those components.

Balanced Web Layout

A balance web layout means using creativity to make a good-looking website without getting in the way of usability. The main purpose of creating a nice web layout is to improve user’s experience. Web layout includes navigation, graphics, pages and button placements and everything related to user interface. Before you start in the layout of your website, make sure to put yourself in the shoes of your users. Ask yourself these questions. What do you want to see? How can you acquire the services or products of the website in a fast and easy way?

Content Quality

Content has long been a part of every websites’ success, however, this is also probably one of the most neglected part of every website. What they did not know is that poor content can actually cost them to lose potential customers. Grammar, style and clarity should be taken in consideration when making content. It was found out in a poll that potential customers would go elsewhere if they notice poor grammar, style and unclear content in a website. Poor content can tarnish credibility of a business in a big way. Almost 74% of consumers can notice grammar and spelling and according to the recent survey, almost 6 out of 10 consumers will never use a business’ services if they notice poor content quality.

On-site SEO

During this time, most businesses lose their focus in SEO because they thought that SEO is not as important as it was before. Little did they know that SEO still plays an important role in business’ success. SEO is still a major player in order for Google to crawl and index links in your website. That said; take in consideration to update your website according to Google update. Most businesses tend to focus on bigger things when it comes to SEO that they often overlook small but relevant ranking factors like keyword variations, headings and tagging and internal linking.

Social media is not rocket science. It is simply expanding your reach to other people all throughout the globe to social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, G+ are perhaps the most famous social media platform that most businesses have already an account on. However, you must be aware that social media is growing bigger and bigger and you have to take advantage of other platform for your website. Create an account in other social media sites like LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest and incorporate these social media to your website. You never know how much traffic and leads they can bring to your site.

Mobile Mania - The Growing Importance of Mobile Website Optimization

Mobile-friendly. It is the buzzword in the internet nowadays. You probably have heard the news on how Google is putting great importance in mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor and you are aware how important it is for your business. The online world is a mobile-mania. More and more people now prefer mobile devices over desktops for shopping and looking for services. Making your website mobile –friendly is a great opportunity to boost customer engagements and generate more traffic which can eventually convert into more leads and increase in sales.

A website is every business reflection in the online world. A wise and strategic ways of website designing is paramount to every business success.