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Mimi Rothschild is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Learning By Grace, a leading provider of Christian online homeschooling programs. Since 2001, under Rothschild’s leadership, Learning By Grace has been blessed to serve families from all over the world with its innovative and quality Christian online homeschooling curricula.

All Children are Different

Those who work with children or parents with large families come to quickly learn is that all children are different. Children display as many different personalities as there are children.

Being a Mom

Most of what I write about these days is about being a mom and raising a family. I love my life. It is full of wonderful moments. Realistically, though, for every wonderful moment, I have lived through about 100 not-so-wonderful moments.

Mimi Rothschild - Hunger Foundation’s Walk in 1970

Mimi Rothschild is HomeSchooling Mom to 8 Children, Gramama to 5 Babies, Mother in Law to 2 Sons, Wife for 33 years, Widowed, Social Entrepreneur, Writer, Sculptor and Follower of Christ (not in that order). She propelled her long lasting career in kids' rights promotion by gathering cash way to entryway for starving Biafran children. Albeit just a kid herself, inaction was not in Mimi Rothschild's vocabulary. Instantly from there on, Rothschild turned into the most youthful individual to lead the one of the first American Freedom From Hunger Foundation's Walk on Hunger in 1970. Read more on below links:

Several years ago (about 18 to be exact) I worked in an active club with a healthy mixture of church and non-churched kids. As we taught through the curriculum, we often explained the gospel in preschool-appropriate terms.

Blog about homeschooling from Mimi Rothschild, C.E.O. of Learning By Grace ( and The MorningStar Academy ( Always something new here about the pros and cons of homeschooling. Latest news and controversy as well.

Ever wonder if you’re burning out as a leader? Or maybe you think it’s just a season and you’ll push through it. That worked for me … until it didn’t work any more.

Myths About Youth veneration

Myth – Real worship can only start in the youth department. Reality – Psalm 150 says, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” Is anybody breathing in the kids’ ministry? Let’s hope so. There is no lower age limit on worship.

Mimi Rothschild Announces Results of Beta Testing for Online Contribution Program

Mimi Rothschild, co-founder of Learning By Grace, a leading online homeschool academy, is pleased to announce the results of a summer beta testing program that allows parents and students to contribute to the official Learning By Grace online lesson plans.

In Psalm 127, Solomon refers to children as a “heritage” or an “inheritance” from the Lord. It’s easy to miss how revolutionary that statement is. Solomon isn’t saying that children will receive our inheritance.

Mimi Rothschild - Taking Learning to the Next Level

Mimi Rothschild, an author, educator, and mother of eight, is determined to change the world. Driven by her passion for justice and the Lord’s truth, her multi-faceted professional path has one thread - the creation of new programs that are truly worthy of children.

Mimi Rothschild Notable Accomplishments

The Grace Academy, a partnership between parents and professionals to meet students & The Morningstar Academy, a private Christian school serving home based learners

Mimi Rothschild Allows Parents to Contribute to Homeschooling Lessons

Mimi Rothschild, co-founder of Learning By Grace, The MorningStar Academy ( and Jubilee Academy (, has announced a feature that will enable parents to contribute to lesson plans for her online homeschooling academies.

The Story of Howard Mandel and Mimi Rothschild

In 1979, Mimi and Howard fell madly in love and began to build on their vision of service in Christian ministry. We have been blessed to be living or dream of serving the homeschooling community with programs that are worthy of them and God.

Mimi Rothschild - Amazing Gracie's

In the early 90s, Mimi Rothschild founded another company called Amazing Gracie's, a consignment shop that provided used clothing to children in needy countries. Additionally, her own growing family was able to use this store as a lesson in real life business.

Mimi Rothschild Offers Summer Options for Homeschooling Parents

As the 2008-2009 school year comes to an end, many parents and families are deciding on summer camps and planning their next vacations. Others are preparing for summer school and continuing education programs.

In most families, the mom is the parent who is primarily responsible for the day to day homeschooling of the kids. This is largely due to the fact that the majority of homeschooling families are a single income families or mom tends to work in the evenings after dad gets home to avoid daycare costs.

Mimi Rothschild: About Bullies - Home

Webster's Dictionary defines a bully as: A person habitually cruel to others who are weaker. They like to browbeat, badger, insult, threaten and intimidate others. They exert their delusional sense of superiority by menacing, terrifying and demoralizing their prey and as a result, are able to coerce or compel them to do the bully's bidding.

Mimi Rothschild Announces Launch of Podcast Program

Mimi Rothschild, home schooling advocate and co-founder of Learning By Grace, is pleased to announce the launch of a new podcast program that will address a wide range of education and home schooling-related issues.

Teaching Our Children to be Kind

Kindness is a character quality that is rarely displayed in our society. A person who is benevolent is seen as weak by many. Webster defines the word kind as the following: having a gentle nature, with a willingness to help others.

The Southern Baptist Academy Homeschool Program – Mimi Rothschild

The Southern Baptist Academy Homeschool Program was a result of their efforts to meet this need. Today, The Southern Baptist Academy Homeschool Program provides quality Christian homeschool curriculum to Southern Baptist children all over the world.

Mimi Rothschild of Learning By Grace Encourages Parents to Follow their ‘Calling’

With the continued moral decline in our nation’s public school system, many faith-based families are opting to homeschool their children and educate them from a Christ-centered perspective.

About Mimi Rothschild Co-Founder of Learning By Grace

Mimi Rothschild is an author, educator, and mother of eight, is determined to change the world. Driven by her passion for justice and the Lord’s truth, her multi-faceted professional path has one thread - the creation of new programs that are truly worthy of children.

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Mimi Rothschild, founder of a leading Christian-based home schooling program and over twenty years of experience in the home school industry. She founded Learning By Grace in 2001.

Mimi Rothschild - The Grace Academy Homeschool Program Co-Founder

Mimi Rothschild is the co-founder of Learning By Grace Homeschool Academies, a company dedicated to providing parents with innovative Christian online homeschooling curricula. Her path towards the homeschool world is long and winding and includes a variety of experiences