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Updated by Rajashri Venkatesh on Apr 12, 2015
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Tips and Tricks To Beat The Summer Heat

With scorching heat outside, you can neither step outside the house nor can u stay inside where it is equally hot and humid! What do you do in situations like that? Well worry not! Here are few tricks and tips that'll help you deal with the summer heat.

Stay hydrated

In summers, you tend to sweat a lot. Hence it becomes very important for you to stay hydrated. You must drink atleast 15-20 glasses of water everyday to keep you from fainting from dehydration.

Wear loose fitting clothes

Try wearing clothes that do not stick to your body when you sweat. Wearing loose clothes will facilitate good air flow which will keep you dry and non-sticky.

Wear light coloured clothes

Dark clothes absorbs sunlight, while light clothes reflect sun rays keeping you cool and dry. Hence wearing loose light coloured clothes are advisable during summers.

Wear sunglasses

Protect your eyes from harmful rays of the sun by wearing sunglasses. It will also put less strain on your eyes.

Take cool showers

Keep taking cold water showers at frequent intervals. This will cool down your body temperature and make you feel good for a while.

Wear sunscreen

Sunscreen is very important before you leave your place to go out in the harsh sun. This will protect you from harmful UV rays of the sun and prevent tanning.

Avoid hot drinks

Hot beverages might just increase your body temperature instead of cooling it off. Making you feel hotter (literally) and sweat more.

Enjoy cool treats at home

Need i say more?

Eat fresh and juicy summer fruits

Another way of keeping yourself hydrated and pumped up with vitamins.

Drink glucose or electral water

When you sweat you tend to lose out on lots of vitamins and minerals, which even water sometimes can't restore. Keep a bottle of electral or glucose water close to you when you have to travel a lot. IT'll not only keep you hydrated but also give you the energy you need to work all day long.