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Updated by Julie Gallaher on Jun 22, 2017
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The Top Twitter Tips of 2015

Things change. Are you keeping up? Don't use old info - here are the latest tips on Twitter Marketing for 2015. Curated by Julie Gallaher

Dancing with Millennials: How the SF Ballet Trended on Twitter

How do you get millennials to patronize the arts? Our generation loves art, but we also love streaming movies on our laptops and paying off our stifling college loans. (Ok, we don't love paying off our loans, but we've gotta do it). How then, do fine arts institutions with an aging subscriber base make themselves...

4 Ways to Use Twitter To Supercharge Your Online Credibility

Twitter is the enigma of social media. It had a simplistic (even weird) idea behind its invention. It was initially designed as an internal SMS style messaging tool for a podcasting company. It is the ultimate accidental social network. Twitter created the opportunity to share short ideas, links and news in real time.

Twitter Redesigns Analytics Homepage & Brings Quick Promote To Profiles

Twitter wants to make it easier to promote your business and see how well your Twitter account is performing. Starting today, you'll see a redesigned homepage at

How to Leverage Mean Tweets And Other Negative Feedback

Jimmy Kimmel's popular segment of celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves has inspired a promotion by social media platform Hootsuite which can show any company how to respond to negative feedback. In a recent post, Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes outlines how his company searched for the most critical tweets to inspire changes to their user experience.

Twitter partners with Foursquare to add specific locations to your tweets

You've long been able to include your location with every tweet, but now Twitter is working with Foursquare to make that location information a bit more useful. Twitter currently supports the tagging of general areas, like a city or neighborhood, but with this partnership, tweets will soon be able to include more specific locations, like businesses and landmarks - basically, anything that you can find on Foursquare.

Explain twitter to employees

Chief Marketing Officer at Surefire Social Published on 1. 1 It's a 140 character world Explain Twitter to your employees 2. 2 3. 3 Family Conversation Starter This is a hashtag 4. 4 Listen 5. 5 Participate 6. 6 Captivate 7. 7 Help 8. 8 Be Funky 9.

5 Ways to Get 10x More Retweets on Twitter

We have a pretty good idea of Twitter best practices: post regularly, don't overuse hashtags, keep your tweets short enough for retweets, etc. We even know that a good mix of images and video will help boost engagement.

14 Ways to Increase Your Clickthrough Rate on Twitter

Tweeting is easy. You can type up anything in three seconds and press "tweet." But sending a clickable tweet -- that, my friend, is a science. Thankfully, making your tweets clickable doesn't "just happen" based on the whim of the Twitter gods. It happens when you intentionally apply a certain set of principles.

Twitter Marketing: 7 Ways to Use Twitter You May Not Have Thought Of

Twitter marketing seems to be an easy and straight forward way to reach out to your target audience. You have 140 characters to talk to your followers and build a connection. But there is so much more to Twitter marketing. It is no secret that we here at The Social Ms are huge fans of Twitter.

Everything You Need To Know About Twitter's New Video Feature

Social media marketing is quickly becoming one of the most important parts of marketing strategy. As an inbound marketer, it's important to keep up-to-date on the latest and greatest platforms and features you and your clients can utilize in your marketing efforts. Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around the launch of Twitter's new video feature.

The Twitter Response Guide For Business: 10 Research-Backed Ways To Improve Your Twitter Customer Engagement

Share! Is it better to answer an irate customer on Twitter, or take the conversation to email? Should you include happy faces in your tweets, or keep them professional? There is no end to the questions that businesses have when developing their Twitter engagement strategy, so we decided to help.

New Research: Who Follows Brands on Twitter? | Simply Measured

In an ideal world, we'd be the only brand our Twitter followers are interested in. That'd make our lives as marketers way easier. According to Simply Measured's new research, that's not the case. We looked at the most recent 100,000 followers for each of the ten most-followed brands on the Interbrand Top 100 Global Brands list, and found...

How to be an Authentic Leader in 140 Characters or Less

Authenticity is a hallmark of leadership. This article in The Harvard Business Review reiterates that saying, "people want to be led by someone real." Think about your own situation...whether you are running an organization, leading a team or building the skills that you'll need to become a leader, it starts with being true and authentic to who you are.

How to Get More Clients with Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads. Twitter for business. What comes to mind when you hear these two phrases? As a small business owner or a freelance web designer, you are always looking for ways to bring new clients on board. While there are many ways of doing so, the power of social media continues to grow with each passing...

6 Tips to Getting Twitter Hashtags Right

Want to amplify your reach on Twitter? Then try using hashtags. Easy enough to do right? Not exactly. Peppering your tweets with every hashtag you can think of may seem like a great way to get noticed but believe me, it's not.

Here's How to Double Your Twitter Followers in 5 Minutes a Day

This headline is pretty bold, I know. Can you really double your Twitter followers in just 5 minutes per day? Well, considering the average Twitter user has only about 200 followers (according to a study by, then it shouldn't be that hard! What if you have more than that?

5 Do's And Don'ts For Twitter In 2015

It's reported that the prime lifespan (i.e when people RT or engage with a tweet) is just 18 minutes - so businesses have a limited window to reach their potential customers With the majority of small businesses using Twitter to market themselves, how do you break through the noise?

7 Ways I Accidentally Got More Twitter Followers

Just like you, I read all of those blog posts about how to get more Twitter followers. And while these articles all contain great, actionable advice, I definitely acquired a lot of my Twitter followers by accident. Seriously.

7 Tips for Consistent Branding on Twitter

Not sure about where to start when it comes to branding yourself on Twitter? These 7 tips will get you started building and maintaining your brand in 140-characters or less. 1. Don't change your username. The first thing you need to do when creating a Twitter account is choose a username - and you need to make sure it's one that will stick.

Twitter Tip: The List vs. The Follow - Web Teacher

About a year ago I started a new pop culture/entertainment blog called Old Ain't Dead. I started a new Twitter account for it as well @OldAintDead. In the service of my new topic, I wanted to follow the tweets of many people and sources who write about entertainment and the stars making the pop culture news.

10 Tips for Using Twitter at Any Conference

Can't make it to the conference you're interested in? Don't worry, you can still learn and get involved through Twitter! Follow the conference hashtag to connect and learn with others. If there's one session that strikes your fancy, see if there will be a live stream, or follow the hashtag stream during its schedule time.

6 Tips on Social Media Marketing For Small Business

As a new business, it's important to choose a marketing channel that offers the best results with the most prudent resources. Nowadays, more small businesses prefer social media marketing to other marketing channels, to help increase their brand's reach, increase sales, and expand their professional network.

What "Better Call Saul" Can Teach Us About Marketing on Twitter | Simply Measured

AMC's Better Call Saul, a spin-off of the network's legendary Breaking Bad series, wrapped up its first season on April 6. Along the way, the series built a healthy buzz on Twitter, gaining more than 14,000 followers between 2/1/15 and 4/6/15, reaching over 80,000 unique people, and driving 240,880 total engagements.

Twitter Has Introduced Customizable Retweets - Surefire Social

With Twitter's recent webpage and mobile application update, adding a comment to something you want to retweet has gotten even easier! Previously on Twitter's website, if you wanted to quote/comment on a user's tweet, you'd have to copy and paste the user's tweet into a completely separate message.

8 Ways Twitter Chats Can Benefit Your Business |

Are you active on Twitter? Does your business participate in Twitter chats? While it may be more challenging for businesses to participate in chats from behind a logo, it can be done. In this article I'll explain how to engage in Twitter chats as your business, so you can grow your network.