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Updated by Lucie Aurore on Apr 09, 2015
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8 Essentials for Business Trips – packing the right things for your work travels!

Jet off across the country, schmooze with clients and stay in five star hotels (at the expenses of others) may sound glamorous. But if you ask most business travellers they would agree with me that the experience is not as exciting as it may sound.



Travelling frequently hasn't stopped my motion- sickness so popping the pills before I get on board has become a routine now. If you have routine medications (for diabetes, blood pressure etc.) don't expect to buy it once you arrive in the new location. In many western countries you cannot purchase prescribed medicine over the counter and even the prescriptions have to be from locally registered doctors. You will also find that there is no time in your schedule to stop at a chemist so always be prepared with your daily dose!


Travel Pillow

Once I was travelling to one of the Hotels in Brisbane CBD, it was to the Next Hotel Brisbane (which is a fabulous place I must say)! However the long ride on the rented car was not so fabulous. All through the ride I was dreaming of my fluffy travel pillow, which was lying inside my home wardrobe. After that 'stiff' experience I made it a point to pack a travel pillow every time.


Power adapter and voltage converter

Planning to request for adapters from the hotel to charge your phone or laptop is not a good idea. When you have a universal adapter you are covered no matter where you will be in the world.


Water bottle

Whether I'm travelling or not I always make it a point to carry a water bottle and refill when necessary. It's important to stay hydrated and there is no better way than to have your (leak free) water bottle. Buying a new bottle every time is actually an unnecessary cost!


USB flash drive

Carrying a small flash drive with a big capacity is a great idea when you travel on business. You can even have this as a back up of your presentations and business documents to make sure if something happens to your laptop you have a lifesaver!


Headphone (the noise cancelling ones of course)

My headphones have come to my rescue many times. Especially when I need to catch up on my sleep or work on the laptop this has helped to keep the airport chatter, airplane engines and other noises away.


Wireless mouse

This may not apply to everyone but if you are like me and still prefer the good old mouse against the track pad then opt for a wireless mouse. Its convenient to set up without the hassle of a wire and also easy to carry even on a laptop pouch.



Did you know that it is necessary to pay extra for a car rental with GPS setting? GPS can come in handy when you are using public transport or walking to a particular location as well. So activate your GPS before your next business trip!